AMD 8000 Series Video Cards?




I have an older 5750 and I am looking to upgrade. I am running my games at 1600x900 resoloution and even this card is having trouble pushing that display. Should I go with the next gen 8000 series or wait for price drops on the 7000 series and get a 7850.


The first gen on a new fabrication process(28nm), regardless of architecture, is always pretty expensive but excels as far as heat/power consumption is concerned. The next gen uses the refined fab process and picks up on price/performance. That's how it is for everything. Hd8000 should see some good deals for system builders.

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HD8xxx Series cards? Bloody hell...I only JUST bought a HD6870 a couple of months ago and that's just fine for me at 1440x900.

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Yea, at 1440x900 you're definitely fine with the 6970.

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I don't know if that was an error or not, but he said 6870 either way I do agree that at his resolution he'll be just fine.


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By the time games properly utilize the performance of the latest and greatest card they'd be about half the price anyway. I always buy 'bang for the buck' as in most cases they'll play most people's game collection just fine.


hey what do you think about the upcoming piledriver processors?


Do you know if the mobile HD 8000 cards will be MXM 3.0?

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I have a Core 2 Quad Q9550 and two GTX 480 cards. It still performs amazingly well.
Buying mid range stuff is good for your wallet, but it doesnt seem to last as long, performance wise, as the high end ones.