Use really old case in new build?




Not wanting to sound like a troll but you say all new current cases are cheap, crap plastic with poor build quality. Yet arguably you review a lot of cases like that, and give them a kick-ass product award?

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I rate based on many factors and one of them is weighting the product against others on the market. If I was to hold every company to Lian Li standards, just about every case made would be poor. That's unreasonable of course, so I rate as I see fit. Since my reviews are detailed, you can give your own rating, forget mine if ya like.

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I don't know where I should post, so i'll do it here.

Do you know any 500, 550, 600 or 650W, 80+ gold rated PSU? It would be best if it was non modular.

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Thanks I REALLY appreciate it...Anndy

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Check your SPAM/Trash box, it might have been sent there by mistake. Also, make sure you entered your email address correctly.

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I usually tell people who are building a system NOT to go cheap on case and power supply. If you find a case that you like, enjoy looking at, fulfilling your needs ect. (aka. the perfect case) you will never have to buy a new one = $$$ savings. I love my SilverStone Fortress FT01. Build quality is superior, perfect size, good airflow, living up to every damn expectation. It was expensive at first, but I've found out that it's all I ever wanted. It's about doing things right from the beginning.

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"Designing for Failure" is a concept that I wish would die out with the generations before us. Who in their right minds would buy something they know was purposely adjusted to have less running time? I don't like the new cases today with the PSU on the bottom and the thin metal that bins or all the cheap plastic crap that breaks off and is patched with epoxy.

If you have an old case that works great, perhaps have the case sent off to a local autobody paint shop and have the colors refreshed or do it yourself and add a design to make it today's retro. If your old case becomes the new hotness, feel free to post about it in our mods forum.

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I dunno. I have this really nice CM Stacker 830 case that isn't made anymore. It's one of the nicest cases I ever owned. If I do another build that needs a monster case, I will prolly recycle that one rather than spending a lot of cash on a new one.

I had a Lian Li PC60 case many years ago. It was damn expensive but it was a nice case: Motherboard tray, all aluminum, good friendly design, but a little boxy and ... (ugh!) silver. But hey! It was a gen-u-wine Lian Li!! I wore that thing out in about a year. Why?

Back in the day I used open up and be inside my case 2-3 times a day. Constantly trying out new things or changing parts, fooling with cabling -- anything at all to amuse me at the time. The downside to most aluminum cases is that they are made of a super light, but soft metal whose screw holes wear out quickly with use. I was particularly hard on screw holes and threads 8(

The Cooler Master CM Stacker is also made of aluminum. The difference is most screw holes contain stainless steel plugs that have the screw holes & threads. They are actually tougher than your standard steel case. I had my Stacker for about 7 years without wearing out a single screw hole, and I was in that case a LOT!

Lian Li are the cases to get if you are not sticking your head inside them constantly. If you are like I used to be the CM Stacker 832 would be better suited. Too bad these gems have joined the dodo bird in extinction.

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Agree to an extend, a 10 year old case, even for lian li, may be outdated in terms of Space Usage/Airflow/Addons.

For myself. i se a crap case atm, which was a quickbuy because i needed one. but the next one is a Cosmos II from coolermaster. Its pricerange is about that of a lian li one, but well, i fell in love...

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100% agree with you Rodney, a good case is a good case, and Lian-Li is top brand in this segment. At this moment I have a decent Chieftec, is up to date, still looks nice, but My next case will be a Lian-Li. Definitely!

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The case was one of the last things I changed when I rebuild my pc. The reason was the budget but as long as it works good/goodish why change it? Now I'm using a cooler master haf 922 and I won't be changing it anytime soon. Maybe I'll get some dust filters but that's all.

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working on a new build inside an old G4 mac case

lots of modding going there

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Sounds interesting :)

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If the case is good, why not use it again?


I have a no-name CompUSA case from back in the day that I still keep around in case I ever want to do a Windows 98 Retro build. I even built a $1000 gaming pc build for my friend in an old Antec SLK1650B ( from 2003 that I found on the side of the road and everything fit just fine and even though it uses measly 80mm fans, it has pretty damn good airflow. But anyway I think I'm gonna keep my Thermaltake Level 10 GT for many years to come. It's very practical and looks great.


If the case is not falling apart, why not just reuse? The only reason I would get a new case is E-atx support.