Video Card Memory, 1GB or 2GB+?




i wanna buy a pc to connect with my 32inch tv
its not for constant hardcore gaming but i want a GREAT resolution and HIGH FPS at games likt BF3

what is my best choice?

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I have two 680's and only BF3 pushes into the 1GB+ range at all. Most use less than that according to the readout from EVGA precision.

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Depends on the price, what game you play, what settings & resolution and how many displays you want to have connected to the gpu. Most of the time the price between same gpu with two different since is usually minimal. Therefore go with 2GB.


For a long time I thought that having more ram on the Gfx card allowed for better use of textures, but I now suspect that developers in general don't want to tailor to those with more ram to spare on the Gfx card.

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I personally use a 1gb card and it's more than enough. memory is not the problem

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2GB FTW: I play Crysis 2 with the DirectX 11 Patch and High res textures and it consumes about 1,7-1,8 GB of Vram from my MSI GTX 560 Ti 2GB OC Video Card.

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I agree that 2GB would be better for future proofing, but 1GB seems just fine for me. I'm running x2 19" monitors at 2880x900 in Eyefinity and get decent frame rates.

In games like Dirt 3, the average frame rate is 47fps.

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Thank you for making this video/answering my question! =)

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You're welcome bud :)