Best Overall Gaming Keyboard?



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I like mechanical keyboards with MX Cherry black switches for gaming they're really good.

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G110 ftw!

thought about getting a G15 or G510 or G19, but i totally didnt wanna spend double the money just for some tiny panel which is pretty much useless cuz hardly any games and programs even support it at all

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Original G15 still. And still perfect.

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I personally own a Microsoft Sidewinder x6 and I love it. It feels nice, works great and has a lot of macro buttons without needing / having a lot of extra buttons

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I still think the second generation G15 is the best, but I dont think they make it anymore.


razer blackwidow

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I can only say what my experience has been and for just about every thing, my good old $20 Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard is the best, it fits my hands and big fingers perfectly, its used a lot where I live it would seem, sense I'm able to go to the thrift store when ever I need a new one and pick up a new one, I've only ever needed to replace it once, it does not have all the bells and whistles as a gaming keyboard but I doubt I'll get any other keyboard any time soon and when this one kicks the bucket, I'll try and find another, the same one online or at a thrift store.

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I still use my 5 year old G15, I absolutely LOVE it having USB ports on it, which I use for my mouse and USB headset. I wish they would make a new Logitech Keyboard with USB 3 functionality and USB ports so that it's USB ports could perform faster for use with things like thumb drives.


Are mechanical keyboards worth the extra money ?

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They are worth the extra money. You get a lot of value for for the dollar.
If you do a lot of typing, you will find them worthwhile.

Does the average Joe NEED a mechanical keyboard? No.

Mechanical keyboards are expensive. All those key switches come at a cost and you will find that these will not have a lot of the extra 'macro' keys that you would find on a 'rubber dome' gamer's keyboard like the G15.

My own mechanical keyboard is nice, but it is very a 'plain', standard keyboard with no macros or 'extra' keys.


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I dont think so

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I like the reclusa just beacuse of the volume wheel..