Multiple Video Card heat solution?




I have a perspex panel on the side of my case with no hole for a fan. My 2 GTX 580's love to get very hot and the fan at the bottom isn't cutting it. How should I go about cutting the perspex? I don't have a drill as neither my husband or myself are very good at DIY. I really don't want it to look like a rushed job . Any hints or anything else you can suggest to cool down these cards?. They are getting to 90c - 95c during heavy gaming (max settings on Farcry 3). The internal case temp is 24c and the ambient temp in the room is 20c. The CPU reaches a maximum of 70c under load (AIDA 64 stability test.
I have replaced the TIM on them with Artic Silver 5, using a thin layer only. I read that AS5 isn't great because it is capacitive but I made sure to apply it neatly and evenly. There was no over spill. Could this type of TIM be the cause? it's 9.0W/m.k , should I go with something thinner?
Thanks in advance and thank you for the website. I feel more comfortable asking for help on here than on those other forums. Very beginner friendly!.




i have 2x 570 GTX twin frozr III and it doesn't overheat.

My specs

Cooler master sniper
i5-2500k @ 4.5GHz
2x Geforce GTX570 twin frozr III
Thermalright silver arrow cpu cooler
MSI p67a-GD65

My highest temp is about 71C on Battlefield 3 for 1 hour. I do limit it to 60FPS via vsync. I must admit that my system is running a bit loud but I use headset anyway so not a big problem for me.

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I have been doing SLI/Crossfire for years. Get a big case with lots of air moving through it. Then make sure you buy a mobo that has two slots on it minimum between the slots the cards go in. This way you have a one slot gap between cards once installed. That is the cheap and easy option. The better but more expensive, by a large margin is water cooling.

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what if 2 cards are very close to each other when running SLI/CF? like on most mobos the distance between 2 cards is 1 PCI slot

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A cheaper option might be to replace the case all together and go for a bigger more ventilated one.
If all else fails try the mighty Delta Electronics 120mm fans like the PFB1212UHE for example.


Don't forget spot fans like the antec spot cooling fan

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you could also buy a new cooler for your video card something like arctic cooling i got a Hd 4890 with a ARCTIC COOLING Accelero Twin Turbo Pro and its running cold (=