Sell whole computer system or each individual parts?



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Selling a whole system is harder to sell, Because people who buy used hardware are looking for specific parts, and not an enitre system, and since they're buying the entire system, they will most likely demand a discount on the purchase.

Though when selling the parts easily, people will be interested in different parts, and when sold seperately, they will have to pay a little extra comparatively. Like when selling an entire system, someone would be giving the case or PSU completely free if the buyer purchases the enter system. But if they sold it seperately, they would get a few extra bucks ! :)

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I had the same problem a few years back and here's my opinion:
On one hand, although a little harder to sell, a complete pc is more convinient because you sell it and get some cash. Usually a little less than selling individually
On the other hand, selling individually probably gets you more money but it's a lot of work involved with the sales and you might end up not being able to sell some parts and have them laying around in the house.
Do what you think is best