Water Cooling & LAN Parties?




I was lucky, a few years ago I bought a water block, it´s top was made of acrylic, cracked near the barb... still not sure why, it was not overtight.... my psu sits at the botom of the case right below the gpu, but the fan is facing down and the drops fell in the "unholled" part of the psu, and spoted right in time.
At that time I NEARLY craped myself since it was a 850W psu. I guess thats one advise I give... if you go water dont buy low cheap grade crap, it might cost´ya...

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Water cooling is a bit risky. But then again, for lan gaming, that means you're going to keep shifting your system around. That could shake up the liquid cooling materials, or could be added weight to the weight of your system :(

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Water cooling can be annoying. You have to change the coolant every 6-12 months.
I always changed the coolant regularly, but my water block started to corrode after about two and a half years.

I have a Cooler Master V6GT now and its great

I dont know if rodney would remember, but he made a video a few years ago about how often you should change the coolant after I asked him about it.

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Just as Rodney said, water cooling is better, more eficient, hardcore etc but a little risky. You need to keep a close eye on it and hope everything goes well. When on the fan coolers usually there's no big deal involved. Just install and enjoy. I personally use a Cooler Master V8 and I'm one happy user