Add second video card or buy new?



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I think adding a second one is better.
Thats what I did with my old 8600GTS and thats what I did with my current GTX480.
I planned to do that to start with because when I bought my mobo, I made sure it supported SLI.

The GTX480 in SLI is amazing, btw.


I have a hd6950 and feel i would be best to get a second one...and wait for 8000 series...frame rates almost double on most games!

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i have a gtx 480 but im stuck between building a spare and more powerful pc or waiting for a gtx 600 series card.

I don't run 3d vision surround or anything crazy like that. just 1 1920x1080 monitor. but i will be getting a 120hz 1080p display soon.

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I'd have to agree with most people here. A new single card makes much more sense than 2 cards because

1. Less power consumption
2. Less heat production
3. Better game compatibility/performance (we've all heard of weird bugs/FPS drops with Crossfire/SLI configurations at some point)


Tbh I'd save for a newer and better card for 3 main reasons.

1st. Less Heat (unless your watercooling it)
2nd. Less issues from drivers for games
3rd. More space for expansion cards (sound card, raid card, pci-e ssd)

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Good case and mobo and you can still do all that and keep it cool. As far as power goes, who cares? The difference on my power bill was unnoticeable going from 1 570 to 2 570's. Plus, I have more performance than and dual GPU single cards on the market aside from the MARS 2.


Less power consumption too!

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Once you SLI, you never go back. New card, small bump in performance unless you wait a long time to upgrade. SLI, up to double the performance depending on the game. Aside from a few really old games, everything I own works fine with my SLI 570's.


I'd say buy a faster card because it gives you:

1. Less heating
2. Less power consumption
3. Less problems with games incompatible with sli/xfire
4. More space in the cabinet
5. You can sell your old gfx card or use it in another system
6. Motherboard doesn't need to support sli/xfire
7. Maybe you want to try AMD instead of NVIDIA or the other way around


Two vid cards will almost certainly increase your case temps, you will need good air flow.

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Also make sure your PSU is powerful enough for 2 cards ;)