Are All Laptop Batteries The Same?



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Since we're talking about batteries, what's your opinion on this: keeping / removing the battery when the laptop is at home, connected to a power source?


Keeping it in, Most laptops now use Lithium-Ion batteries, The amount of ions that can be stored does not change, so if the battery is full and the laptop is plugged in the ions flowing from the power adapter will flow back to the power adapter as no more can be stored in the battery. This means that leaving it plugged in while the battery is full doesn't affect anything.

Older Lead Acid batteries (as an example) used lead and acid which react to produce electricity, when unplugged the electrons from lead would change into flowing ions and electricity using up the metal, when recharging electrons and then ions from the power plug would join the lead ions back to make the normal metal, lead. When you had the battery full but the laptop still plugged in the acid would react with the electrons from the power plug and not the lead which means the acid would get used up more than the lead and decreased the overall capacity.

Hoped this helped