Buy AMD 6000 or wait for 7000?



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In my opinion you may aswell wait for the 7900 series to start off. the 7950 will be priced only a bit higher then the 6950 and I'd imagine it greatly outperforms it.. so why not, theres less then 2 weeks left until reference cards are released, and then MSI,XFX, ASUS and all those will rush to release their own.
Thumbs up AMD.

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I will keep my 3GB GTX 580s :D

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I'm struggling to wait for the 7950 or 7870. 7950 3gb is rumored to come out on the 31st and then the 7870 sometime in february.


Well some 7000 cards like the 7970 is out so u can buy it or better yet wait for NVidia's GTX 700 series card.. Personally i have a GTX 580 and i will wait for the GTX 700 series


I have a evga gtx570sc hd that has about 10 days left on the step up program evga has. I could trade the 570 in on a 580 for about 150 dollars. I like evga and have used nvida cards for the past several years but it will be a long time before the 600 series are released. Maybe radeon drivers are better these days but still no physx?????

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Wait for the 7000 series either way .
If your on a budget you can get a good deal for a new 6000 or even a second hand one.

But isn't the 7970 out all ready ? Some online shop say they have some in stock here