BullGuard Internet Security Suite 12




An anti-virus is a must for your system to function well and safely when the internet is infested with malware. It is impossible to guard the system manually. I appreciate the nice features with bullguard. how to speed up windows 7


Thanks for this Info , Recently i have a plan to buy Norton internet security but after sawing this info , i would like to take a try on bullguard. Looks promosing , isn't it?


Google Redirect Virus


I like BullGuard because it doesn't take up a lot of resources but it seems like it works for what I need it for. I've tried a few others but they are too bulky and take up too much of my systems resources. - Thanks darkcircles


I agree. In Rodney´s terms, a Kickass product! :)

Bullguard, along with BitDefender, are among the most stealthy and easy-to-use anti-virus kits that actually does their job: letting you go where you want to without being asked time and time again if you thrust this and this site...and keep anything else away from your computer! I used BullGuard during my long period with online gaming for its lightweight (small consumption of resources) and was always safe.

Now I use the more heavy, but also more advanced and expensive, BitDefender.