Internet Legislation, Good or Bad?

Internet Legislation, Good or Bad?



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From my point of view, Internet Legislation needs to be put in place (in the U.S. at least). ISP's like comcast have been trying to take the internet over.

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The backbone of net neutrality has always been to keep governments as far away from the Internet as possible so yes, I'm totally opposed to regulation. I've never had any problems when it comes to dealing with spam in my inbox so I don't see how this is really going to benefit me. It's fairly easy to tell whether an e-mail is legitimate or not and e-mail clients have pretty robust filters these days anyway.

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I voted "bad".

I feel that Canada introducing legislation to force folks to jump through hoops really is pointless because it only effects Canadians. It doesn't effect anybody but Canadians that actually care about Canadian internet 'by-laws'.

Also take a look a the folks that this is supposed to be stopping. Spammers and Scammers. Does anyone really think that a few stupid legislations will even slow these guys down in the least? These guys are already breaking internet laws. If they actually get caught, they are already going to prison.

If they get caught.

What is one more law they are breaking? Who cares!

Look at the people that it hurts though: Do you get statements from your service providers in your email? How about bank statements? Did you buy something online recently from a Canadian e-tailer? How are they going to tell you when you product ships? All of these folks will now have to send out emails to all their customer PRIOR TO JULY 1 2014 (it is now the 2nd so they can't do that anymore) asking customers for permission to send them emails (let's not forget having to now pay for engineering the ability to unsubscribe customers!). I wonder how new service providers will be enabled to communicate with you...

No, Canada's Legislations is a huge joke on legitimate Canadian businesses and users that has the real scammers/spammers laughing so hard they are falling off their chairs.

Rodney, you touched on the older generation being the ones that are most caught by these kinds of internet hooligans. While I am myself a member of this *ehrem* 'older' generation I consider myself an exception. Most folks my age are not nearly as internet-savvy as I am and are not quite so wise in the ways of the internet shadow dweller. But I digress (hey! I'm old enough to be excused rambling on!)

What is the average age of an MP? Oops! When you consider that like Canada is being run large number of old fart techno-weenies, it is not surprising they would want to make their own Internet use 'safer'. And I would bet my tiny pension that the majority of those that opposed the bill are those that are the much smaller group of younger much more internet-savvy MPs that have lived with an Internet their entire lives. :D


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Internet Legislation, Good or Bad?

Rodney Reynolds,