Do You Buy Expensive or Affordable Products?

Do You Buy Expensive or Affordable Products?



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I had to vote for other because I'm kinda stuck in between the two. As of late I've been looking for premium and top of the line products of all kinds whether it computer components or any other kind of electronics. However this doesn't mean I'll go out of my way to buy the most expensive gear I can lay my eyes on.. Price doesn't necessarily difine quality. What I look for is value and performance; something that can outperform typical hardware yet doesn't hold a ridiculous inflated price point. :)

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I had to vote 'other' mostly because I like high value, but but high price. Often I find that going with the cheapest products get you just what you pay for quality wise - cheap junk. The products at the most expensive end will get you your quality, but are you really getting the best value for your money? Using the example of the Intel socket 2011 processors.

You can go cheap and get the i7-4820k - nice and quick, but missing a couple cores some cache. Also not really any better than the better 1150-based quad core chips out there whe you consider the supporting hardware is also cheaper for that 'lower' socket. At around $350 it is a the cheapest i7-48xx processor, but you bought that really expensive s2011 motherboard to run a big, honking 6-core cpu, didn't you. Not such a good value considering it is a quad core chip requiring a whole different motherboard architecture that often gets beaten out performance-wise by its more cost-effective socket 1150 cousins costing about the same.

You can go to the other end with the burly i7-4860X. Definitely a nice chip. 6 cores/12 threads, 15mb cache, lots of potential. But is it really worth almost $1200 before taxes?

Then there is the 'bang for the buck' value product... The i7-4830K. Same 6 cores as that $1200 chip. A little less cache, but it will overclock every bit as high as that 'extreme' offering. At a little over half the cost of the 'X' chip, and within the same ballpark performance wise, is sitting in the value sweet spot of the I7 socket 2011 world.


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Most people probably go for the Affordable, save a few bucks for other things in life. Lately I've been finding myself spending more in order to get a better product. Even an expensive product will still have flaws and break down leaving you feeling jaded. Just use your best judgement, read the reviews and see what other people are running into before buying. The best part about an Affordable products, I feel less guilty when I hulk smash them at the end of their product life.

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Do You Buy Expensive or Affordable Products?

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