Do you use your smartphone as a phone?

Do you use your smartphone as a phone?



Manic Mouse
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Most of the time. I'm a cheapskate and don't turn data on unless I really have to.

Mark Baker

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Yes i uses smartphone as a phone . even i also use to read new technology news from my smartphone


I use it as a phone only for some people, My parents still have a OLD flip cell phone and a land line, My brother is just like my parents, he is lucky he can turn a computer on. Those are the only 3 ppl I HAVE to call to ask something, other then that it's txt unless they call me.


Yes, I use it for writing SMS messages and sometimes for calling someone.

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My ears are pretty much trained to hear my mom and dad's voice, including my brother, so that's about it.

And for that, I vote as "sometimes."

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not really i dont use it as a phone.
Then again when i didn't have a smart phone i didn't use it as a phone either.
just texting.

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I still proudly use one of them dumbphones. And i am the only one that is not staring at there phones whole day. I hate it when someone invites you over and then all they do is stare at those damn smartphones and then they say "...what?"..god that pisses me off, just thinking about it :p .


yes i do