Daydreaming worse than texting?

Daydreaming worse than texting?



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You forgot to mention reading and driving. *cough* Rob Ford *cough*


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Daydreaming and texting should not even be done while driving even if you think nothing bad is going to happen.

Aside from that, I still think that texting is worse. If you're going to text, at least do it while pulled over or if you are to be stuck in traffic for an hour.

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It always scares the crap outta me, when i can't recall how i got where i was going. But i do think if something where to happen i would snap back in to reality and be fine..i hope. When texting you don't have your subconsciousness to help you out. And its just stupid to text... i never intend to daydream when in traffic though, i can just ignore my phone. Looking at your phone is a choice. So yeah maybe daydreaming is worse..


At least daydreaming, one's eyes are still on the road and if something were to happen like brake lights being activated and such, one would have a better chance to see it if daydreaming unlike texting unless you are texting with the phone in the air in front of your face while you are looking out the windshield.
Just my opinion anyways.


Agreed. It is easier to be alerted and snap out of it if you are just staring ahead. Texting is taking your eyes off the road and distracting you by thinking of what you are typing etc.