Only idots buy pre-overclocked video cards?

Only idots buy pre-overclocked video cards?
Yes, overclock yourself
16.6% (61 votes)
Yes & No
37.5% (138 votes)
No, buy overclocked
38.9% (143 votes)
Other (Please specify)
7.1% (26 votes)



Manic Mouse
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I voted yes and no.

Yes because:
Doing it yourself requires you to tweak the drivers to do the overclocking. Downside is that if you overclock and the card starts working badly, you can't beat up on anybody but yourself. No manufacturer will honor a warranty because it does not overclock well. The upside is that if you know what you are doing and accept the negatives simply as playing the overclocking game, you can save a few bucks over the cost of the overclocked version.

No because:
Cards oced from the factory don't need any software to set them up and overclock them. It is burned in. And if it does not work right while overclocked you can beat up on the vendor. This sometimes forces the vendor to use better-binned parts to be able to guarantee that speed.

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It all comes down to the product and it's price.


Binned higher, worth the extra Hamiltons if you got 'em. Proof is in the puddin.


No, sometimes you can only get better cooling design from getting an OC'ed card.


I buy pre OC'd because I don't feel like messing with it...and because overclocking (in most cases) voids your warranty lol

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There is no reason to spend a lot of bucks on overclocked gpus, u can overclock it ur self and save a lot of money on it.


Generaly, pre OC video card are same or lower price than stock video card, but with better cooling, but there is some pre OC card that are really overpriced, like this one: or this one

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If you buy it for the overclock then yes:P. For example my card came with a massive 50mhz overclock... yeah...
But i bought for the cooler.


I got the ASUS GTX 660 over clocked for only $168.99. It is has less noise, more energy efficient, and has a much better cooling then the stocked cards.


If you overclock your graphic card you break the warranty. By buying it pre overclock the warranty is still valid.


This. And the binning. Buy one of the preOC'd cards and feel safe with it as is, or if you're adventurous crank it up some more and enjoy ultraturbo mega superOC. Whee. A whole 2 FPS difference :). I find OCing video cards to be kind of silly to begin with :P.

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As everyone else is saying, normally they are binned higher as well being at a higher clock.


And yup they are also binned higher..


I just buy whatever is cheaper, sometimes there's a sale & you can get a pre-overclocked graphics card. But normally I overclock the graphics card myself, in some cases I also flash it as well.

The benefit of flashing or buying a pre-overclocked card is If your using an OS apart from Windows. Such as Mac OSX or a Linux distribution, where as far as I know there aren't really tools available for overclocking.

The other great thing with flashing is that the OC is permanent, so you don't have to mess about with Overclocking tools all the time..


they are binned higher