Do You Pre-Order Games?

Do You Pre-Order Games?




i preordered AC3 and i feel a little bit reget because the game isn't as good as i see on the trailer


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I have to love the game too much to preorder. I only did so with ACIII (witch turned out to be so-so) and with Prototype 2 witch was also so-so. But I will not be doing that again any time soon. I'll just wait for steam deals


No need to preorder, I remember when Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty came out and all my friends had it, I just went and picked it up day of release, no wait.

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sometimes but much less then sometimes xD

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I pre-order games sometimes but the games i pre-ordered need to be awesome (and generally i've already tried the Beta or see at least some gameplay footage and not just some 5 min ones, like hours of gameplay to be sure that the game i buy will be fun on the long run...)

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I tend to read reviews before buying a game. I don't like surprises, especially when I'm plopping down $60+.


The only games I (personally) have ever pre-ordered, were "Zelda - Twilight Princess" and "Ninja Gaiden 2"

Anything else I wait on...98% of the time the game isn't worth paying $60 for, much less pre-ordering.

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F**k no

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i never pre-order games. i remember when MW2 was coming out and everybody pre-ordering and lined up outside stores to get their copy. i just went to my local game store and picked it up and no wait. got it a week early at that!

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I have pre-ordered 1 game in my life...Battlefield 3. A few week later i still saw the Limited(pre-order exclusive)edition on shelves in store...