Battlefield 4 Preview, What Do You Think?

Battlefield 4 Preview, What Do You Think?




Not always in this situation but very good working. Thanks,


I definitely be not getting as bf3 is so bad and is is not like a bf game it is a cod mod and hell the dam bf3 auto knife weer is the skill

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looks great but will the multiplayer look as good? i heard they are trimming down the multiplayer and focusing more on the single campaign.

You dont know me but that's the way i like it!

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Meh.. Not convinced...yet.
It looks amazing, but then again who cares. Gameplay is where its at!

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i think its just gonna be like an expansion of bf3.
Butt one wich u whill have to pay top dollar for.
i have played every battlefield there is and always bin a huge fan.
But maybe they should fix bf3 properly firts before shoving the new one in our face.

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I'll get it for sure, but not preorder.

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I think most people like it because of the graphics, just saying. However, it seemed like they have taken a considerable
step from bf3. So i liked it. What i would wanna know is how multiplayer is gonna be like. Have to wait and see!!!

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At 5:03 (of that "gameplay") look at the fire lighting there... ooo the graphic is so great... no it's not. That one thing the other is that it is the same shit MMS scripted campaign and amazingly boring.

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I'll definitely be getting it.

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Don't care, I hate EA!
after the last good bf2 and bf 2142 which was the best bf for me at least
i hate all cod bf 3 maybe bf 4
heck even the old C&C last one was kane wrath are better T_T
and mass effect 1 and 2 are much better then 3 :\
dead space 1 and 2 still didn't try 3 but some of the game play are bad