Female Game Characters Not Profitable?

Female Game Characters Not Profitable?



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yes girl's game base are profitable, there Have been ton of female name ICON games, such as, Tomb raider, Metroid ( many don't know this robot or person is a female ). Lets not forget the princess from Mario 2. Now I can bored you guys with my list of famous girls, however what you must understand here is this subject has already been proven.


I don't know why they think females won't sell. The following are the reason's why I don't think female protagonist may affect game Sales:
1. If a game is great I would buy it and play it regardless of the shitty character (e.g. metal gear solid 2).
2. There are already games that have proven that they would sell regardless of the female protagonist (for example Metroid, Bayoneta and,as you mentioned, Tomb Raider)
3. For me personally if given a choice of being a hot guy or a hot girl in a game I usually pick the hot girl. No, I am not gay. Usually in my experience, games that allow you to pick gender are long 3rd person type RPG's, and I would rather stare at a hot chick's behind for 100hrs than a guys nasty bum (no matter how well built the dude is).

I know a lot of people won't agree with this, but this is just my take on the matter. :D

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Most men don't care unless it's too childish and even then there are those guys that end up on Dateline. A little skin and eye-candy is always welcome.

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Where's the poll?

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Makes sense considering the existing wage gap between men and women for the same line of work.

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I dont have a problem with it.


Don't forget good games as:
No One Lives Forever 1 & 2
The Longest Journey
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Portal 1 & 2
Culpa Innata
Kings Bounty: Armored Princess & crossworlds
You can choose to play female in the mass effect series
I failed to get past the training session in Mirror's Edge, but it has a female character.

But there definatly is a over representation of male characters in games

The question could also be why western games are filled with a lot of overbuff guys on steroids and asian games filled with kidlike characters.

Or do publishing companies do anything good for games? I think not


I prefer to play women in third-person-games and the likes just because i dont want to look at a guys butt for hours on end xD. In First-Person-Games i dont care.

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Remember Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III for the US for Super Nintendo and VI (Super Famicon) for Japan)?

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i will name some good game that the main char is female
dino crisis 1
silent hill 3
fetal frame (i think most of them are female) XD
ff x-2 (Yuna) i dont know about the other ff
resident evil 1 and 2 and 3 and resident evil code veronica
res evil 1 and 2 have 2 char male and female
i know in old game but cant recall the name :s

ps: im the one who wrote these in you tube xD

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I disagree with the poll. i have no problem with playing as a female character at all. Well unless there is romance involved... As you said watching Lara jump around is Great! Best character model ever!