How Often Do You Shutdown Your Computer?

How Often Do You Shutdown Your Computer?



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I usually put my computer into sleep mode when I'm away. It turns off after 3 hrs. Saving money and conserving energy are important issues for me. My boot times are short, so restarting my computer isn't a problem.

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I shut mine down when I got to bed at night. I have a 3TB NAS that is on 24/7 though.


Not often at all. Right now it's 10 days up-time.


My PC is on 24/7,I never turn it off. Its just a hassle with the boot up and all. But I find with antech case it collects a whole lot more dust with it being on.


I have to keep my gaming machine off when i'm not gaming; the totally ghetto fan setup sounds like a thunderstorm!

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LOL... If it works, who cares :)

Rodney Reynolds,


No reason to have my PC on when Im not using it; it starts up quick and I use WOL if I need to access anything from school or the office. That being said, I do leave my servers online 24/7, or as close to 24/7 as possible!


I reboot my laptop about once a day, but my other machines about once per 70th day :D


I shut down my PC around every 5-6 days, sometime can be ON for even longer then 5/6 day.... depends on what i do on it. My file server runs 24/7 as it steams websites/movies other important files to other computers on my network.


i dont shut a pc sonw at all when i had one, since shutting dowan and starting upp cause alot stress, specialy for hdd's my hdds ran like 1350 days non stop and t still working compare to the hdss i shut down everytime like ext once and internals with docking, a system runs more stable if you leave it running 24/7 , i do same for my notebook, i dont shut it down even when traveling its always on

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I shut down my system each night -- though it stays on most of the day when I am at home.


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I usually leave it on and just shut it down when I leave for a long period of time (2h+). Otherwise it kinds of run 24/7


Seeing as my computer doesn't work well with the sleep mode in windows 8 (i.e. it doesn't power on again after i initiate sleep mode unless i unplug it at the wall...don't ask me why :S) and the fact that my start up time is like 11 seconds or less sometimes it is easier for me to just shut my computer down and always good to start a fresh system too.

So when I am at home all day it is I shut down my computer every time i leave my computer for more than 20-30 minutes.

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I have mine goto sleep mode if I'm at work etc (That is suspend to RAM Sleep not standby) I rarely shut down other to flush the RAM once in a while. :)

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There is no point leaving it on while Im at work or sleeping, so I turn it off then


i turn mine off when i go to sleep


only shut it down when i need to dust it or upgrade parts once every year or so


I shut down my computer whenever I do system updates or upgrade hardware. I'm so busy and I'm always running stuff in the background, it's on most of the time.

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I shut it down every few months for cleaning and/or upgrades.


I cant turn my computer on.


Does no-one use the sleep function? I put my pc to sleep if I'm afk for more than 20 minutes, it only takes a second to wake up. I try to shut down / restart once a month.


I only turn it off if i'm leaving for more than one day.


I am with Premchand. I will have it on while I am in the house, but I know I'll be gone for longer than 3 hours, I'll turn it off. No need to contribute to the power bills if I'm not getting something out of it, haha. Since I have an SSD I shut my computer down at night. Otherwise, I'd put it to sleep or Hibernate. My laptop uses a regular HDD and I rarely shut that down; maybe once or twice bi-weekly.

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i usually turn it off whenever i leave the house.

You dont know me but that's the way i like it!


I turn my PC off twice a day, but I have a question, a external HDD for long can you run it per day, since I have large files, and to copy it to them it takes 2 to 3 hours, is it good for a external HDD?


24/7 man. An external HDD is just a HDD in a case.

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I only shut mine down if I am going to be away from home for more than 24 hours. I usually just put it into sleep when I'm at work and sometimes when I'm sleeping or it gets too warm in my room during the summer.

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I used to keep it running 24/7 for things such as [email protected], only rebooting or shutting down for updates or software installations. But to cut some costs and save money, these days I either put it sleep mode if I'm not going to be out of the house long and/or shut it down completely at night time while sleeping.

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Rodney, you're kidding right? People shut down their computers? Mine run 24/7, or at least 5 or 6 of them do, they only shut down for update reboots.


Usually once per month or so.

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I put my laptop to sleep.

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I shut down my eyefinity pc every night, on sundays it stays off the whole day
but I also have a crucnhbang laptop plugged to my Tv, I just hibernate that one
when Im not using it......


I don't shutdown my Macbook Pro with Retina Display unless it needs to be updated. It goes to sleep, in power nap fashion when I close the led. However, it isn't shutdown but maybe once or twice a month.


I never shut the machine down for normal use. The only time it ever reboots/shuts-down is for dual booting, moving the machine physically, or a power down and unplug during a storm. Other then that it says on 24/7 for anything I may need it for. I use it for MANY things but one thing in particular, I help aid with grid computing when it is idle. (Not using it) Things like SETI, Rosetta, etc...


It really depends normally I have 40 tabs up or I am in the middle of something so I typically leave it on for days at a time but if i am not going to be home for half a day or something I normally turn it off. I do turn off my monitors regularly though since they are pretty new and I dont feel comfortable leaving them on.


My shutdown button is basically my sleep button. Off to work? Sleep mode. Off to bed? Sleep mode. The only time where I actually shutdown my computer is either if an update needs to restart or an application is acting funny.

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First thing i do when i get home is turn it on, last thing i do is turn it off. It just doesn't feel right when its off and i am awake and home. Even if i don't use it, it needs to be on for some reason. I don't see the point in keeping it on when i am sleeping or not home.


I used to never shutdown my computer, but now I shut it down every time I leave it since it was my HTPC and gaming pc but since I built another computer out of spare parts into a HTPC for the living and installing an SSD into my main computer. Boot times are MUCH MUCH faster (used to take like 2 to 3 mins and sometimes 5 mins to power on and load all my startup application, not it takes about 30 seconds)and their no need to waste electricity since I now have a less power consuming PC in the living, which is most of the time shutdown since no one really uses the living TV any more.

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Don't shut it down
i shut it down only in this 2 case
1-if im leaving the house for day or if i go some where far way

2-when i go to sleep and my room is too hot i turn it off ( this does not apply if it is cold 25C or less) xD

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I shut it down when I go to sleep.