Will The PC Live Forever?

Will The PC Live Forever?




Laptops and Desktops I consider both to be PCs. Reason being is that performance is comparable between the two (desktops win obviously, but high end laptops come close), in addition, you can do or program whatever the heck you want on either, be it for good (gaming, making videos, computer design, etc), or for evil (making viruses, hacking, taking over the world, etc).

Tablets and smartphones are not in the same league, due to tighter control of the respective OSs and overall cut-down features. Not to mention a vast performance difference between a high end tablet, and a budget laptop with a Celeron. A budget laptop, I can at least program anything I want. Not so on a tablet.

I don't believe either laptops nor desktops will die. Unless some brain-dead moron releases a PC OS that prevents unsigned code from running, PCs have a veeerrryyyy long way to go.

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Who keeps bringing up this stupid topic? STFU about it, PC's are not going anywhere


Alot of people are buying laptops, netbooks and tablets nowadays but they'll always be a market for people wanting a desktop. They have infinite more potential and flexibility than something ready built for angry birds and facebook Mr Jobs ;)

Novelty crazies have come and gone but the idea of a screen, box, mouse and qwerty keyboard is still the same after all these years because it works so well.

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Long live the Desktop PCs!


Long live the two-fingered sloth-claw!

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the pc will be always be around :D

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I honestly believe no matter what form mobile technology takes, it will never replace the desktop. I believe tablets, notebooks, smartphones, desktops etc. all have a place in the technology market. Some people are always on the go so they will choose whatever mobile device will best suit their needs. Others choose to have the best of both worlds. Personally I feel notebooks have come a long way in recent years in being able to provide users with the power they need in a portable form factor. I feel like tablets right now are more or less novelty items. Smartphones are awesome if you want a portable pc but don't want to carry around a notebook or tablet.

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the only thing that separate op desktop from an op laptop or tablet. Is the convince of easy travel unit. Tablet and laptops are more portable. Otherwise it can not match desktop. On any other levels. So desktop rocks.

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I believe the desktop pc will stay with us forever, perhaps a decline among the casual or average user. I honestly can't think of a better gaming experience than with a desktop pc. Laptops and tablets are nice but does not completely replace the desktop. PC's are just that..."Personal" to the user both on the outside and inside.

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The PC is my favourite pet.


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PCs as we commonly refer to as 'desktop' computers will eventually go the way of the dodo. Here is where I see them on their path to the obsolescence.

In the workplace.

While there will be ongoing need for full-sized displays, keyboards and mice, the desktop that we have in our offices are being aggressively replaced by laptops by the major fortune 1000 companies out there. Why? When you have thousands of people working for you, running that many desktop computers is darned expensive. Much cheaper for everyone to charge the laptop batteries.

Another reason the desktop pc is being replaced in the large company is portability. More and more employees are working from home and spending less time in an office. To enable this, the employee needs to be able to take their work with them.

Finally, there are times when the employee needs to work with multiple systems. Many large companies are turning to clouds and Virtual Machine (VM) computers where farms large, multiprocessor server hosts hundreds VM images that an employee can awaken or put to sleep when they are not using it. Many 24/7 servers are being replaced by these VMs as well.

In the home

With wireless networking and everybody carrying around a notebook, tablet, game console or smartphone, the attractiveness of keeping around a hulking PC shrinks. Many laptops today are very capable with the majority of games out there. Some have some pretty impressive specs for portable systems. Sure you are not going to be doing any benchmark burning with a laptop, but seriously... Do the majority of us really do that any more? Add in the availability of small household NAS and connected media streamers like WD Live or D-Link's Boxee, and you really find that the PC becomes even more useless.


Though cars have not been a popular place to see a PC (unless you are a cop in your cruiser) we find that computing is moving outside of the home or office as well. Consider that you can buy a car that has an 8" touch screen monitor from the factory in its dashboard. Consider that can use that to connect to the Internet over an LTE network via my cell phone. How long will it take to make a wireless connection to your tablet or laptop to the in-car computer behind that touch screen. I can already play music off of my ipod and smartphone with it in my Ford. How long will it be before it searches your laptop for to play the movie "Avatar" for you while you are parked somewhere in the middle of nowhere?

Also consider that you can walk into most Starbucks, Tim Hortons or "Mickey D's" and connect your laptop, cell phone or tablet to their wireless internet and have your way with it.

Is Personal Computers (the desktop personal computer) going away? I would say yes indeed it is.
Is Personal Computing going away? Hell no. In fact the opposite is happening as we find more and more creative ways to access to the electronic world.


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if PC refers to personal computer, in which even tablets and cellphone could probably fit in as well at this point in time, then it will hopefully last forever in some way or another. if it refers to the typical tower PC, then it wont last forever. it'll last a while since its cheaper and more efficient etc, but forever is a long time, and at this rate i strongly doubt it'll stick around for the entire ride.

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I Don't think the PC in it's current configuration will last forever, What I mean about this is. Currently we all have the big box on our desk or under it, I reckon though that PC will become so small that they will become part of your home built into it somewhere, maybe even built into us. I do want to say though it it will outlast any console that out today and tomorrow. My reason for this is because if we look at the market over the last 10 years or so, we can clearly see that console manufacturer are becoming a 2 horse race. Company's like Atari and Sega and now I think even Nintendo could be the next big name to go under, but even then PC is still moving along unnoticed.

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You're preaching to the choir.

The late Steven Jobs, coined the term "post PC world" because he had crap to sale, and it was not a desktop computer. It's funny, for the same price as an iPod you ca get a great laptop. And for the same price of the laptop you can have a beast of a PC. For the money a "PC" (not Apple anything computer wise)desktop is as you say - "The Best Bang For The Buck". Apple became what Jobs was fighting against in 1984.


I'd just entered the whole "Desktop PC enthusiast" universe in 2008 (at the tender age of 34, before that I was a laptop kinda dude) and can't begin to express how much joy and education I've received from building and "obsessing" over my beloved pastime. Yes desktops will be extant longer than all of us put together because they're a natural extension of humanity's need to progress through tool making/use. The idea of a desktop PC will eventually evolve to something much more intuitive and organic.


Apple is the EA of hardware.
Make the same shiny, overpriced, overhyped products every year and make millions off each one.
The only thing that will kill a PC is something that can do everything a PC can (or more) and is more convenient to use.

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I'm sure the hardware will continue to advance, but the future of the Desktop PC will live on as the most basic modern-day multipurpose media tool. Now I wait for my Mobile Brain Cortex Google Search device and the matrix will be complete. ;)

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I believe that the PC platform will live forever BUT the hardware itself will evolve to the point were it could be used with your glasses, or to an extreme prediction, Implanted into the brain and used that way.

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While tablets and notebooks are taking the place on many desktops, I believe the desktop has a long life yet.

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well, we are already testing quantum computers...soo. are those consider a PC? if they are well then yes. they are going to live for ever. If not well, then the end is near. It'll be the quantum computer era. Not even consoles are going to survive.

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I think desktops will potentially stick around forever. I don't think desks are going out of style anytime soon, and a productive desk of course needs a computer. I think they'll evolve and maybe change shape, but in the end desktops will still be there.

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Yes. we will have personal computer forever, it may become more light,compact and powerful but it is going to stay there.