What Maps Do You Use?

What Maps Do You Use?



Angkorian Knight
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I'm currently using Bing maps only because it's on my Windows phone, however I'm very interested in Nokia maps on the new Windows Phone 8 phones. I like Google Maps as well.

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Before I drive someplace faraway I'll normally use Mapquest and Google Maps. For me, Google Maps is great for when I need a street level look at the buildings or want a general map of the area. And Mapquest for the easy-to-scan icons for turning right or left or merging ect..

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Manic Mouse
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The cars have nav systems that I don't think use any of those listed.

Otherwise Google Maps on phone, tablet and PC.

Why? Gimme your address and I can see what you were doing in front of your house the last time Google did their street view drive-by (creepy ain't it?).


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Google on my PC and Tablet. Bing on my phone, Windows 7 phone. So far the bing one on my phone has been pretty close to as good as Google for what I have used it for. Knock on wood.

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Google maps

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Google 9/10 times but at work I use Bing (it counts towards the reward points, and I'm a sucker for those and the free MS Points from it.)

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google maps all the way. easy to use. would like to give igo a try but kind of expensive

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Nokia maps. It is all offline, you get free updates every few months and it works extremely well.

Bling maps? Dont you mean Bing?

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Google Maps and Local. Very feature rich and reliable navigation and syncs to my phone.

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Google maps dog! The street view thing is pretty nifty as well.

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Google Maps and Google Earth. And I have a TomTom in the Car.
Apple Maps apparently suck, there were streets renamed over 6 years ago which TomTom updated but Apple hasn't done it so far. Also, a complete neighborhood in my town is missing on Apples maps, but Tomtom got it :D
Kinda think theres a lot of work to do for apple!

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Lol did know they are others online maps ^^