Big Company Lawsuits are?

Big Company Lawsuits are?




It calls crony capitalism, for this case is using the government(Judicial system) to drive out competitions.

They are everywhere with many forms like licensing, regulations, Tariff.

We don't have free market capitalism anymore.

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While I see a large number of these suits as frivolous and target the wrong people, some are very valid.

Let's take an fictitious example:

You invent and patent cheap suitcase-sized instantaneous matter transfer machines that can move a living or inanimate object from one point in the world instantly to anywhere in the galaxy. You start making and selling your matter transporters in the mass market and become the largest company in the world. Now some fruit-shaped company comes out with a suitcase-sized instantaneous matter transfer machine that works just like yours, but is a different color and is a couple inches different in size.

Would you be pissed off? Pissed off enough to hire a gang of expensive lawyers and sue the pants off them?

I would be.

Apple has a long history of litigation to protect its ideas. Have we all forgotten the huge lawsuits against Microsoft because Windows 3.0 looked to much like a Mac with its windowed user interface paradigm? I for one have not forgotten that Apple had gotten the technology behind the Mac's UI from work from the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Pure copy work.


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it's funny that apple Iphone should be a really good phone, but when I bought a 4s did not work. I got it changed to a new one 5 times before I got one that worked. one of them literally fell apart in when i opened it

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Y'know, Apple is pissed off because the Samsung Galaxy 3 alone is currently outselling Apples IPhones. Consider that there are a lot of Android phones from other vendors out there (HTC, LG, etc) and you will quickly realize that Apple's iPhone is left far behind in overall sales picture.

Not surprised at all they are suing anyone that is implementing Android - particularly Samsung.

While I do believe litigation is a necessary evil for inventors to protect their creations (and their profits from them), I also believe that some companies take this too far. RIAA and Apple are two such companies whose rampant suits border on stupidity.

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Very petty move on Apple's part. Such a low-blow to innovation. I'm glad I don't own an iPhone.

"As one designer, Bill Flora, put it in the New York Times last weekend, enforcing patents like this is like enforcing a patent on a 'round steering wheel' in a car.
Imagine if the round steering wheel had been patented? Would consumers be forced to steer cars with triangle- or square-shaped steering wheels? And how about patenting the 'four wheels' concept? Or the 'wings' idea on a plane? Where does it stop?"

Quoted from here:


Apple are trying to make it so they are the only people with products on the market and will try to sue anyone else who has anything that resembles anything they make, trying to put them out of business, and they SHOULD NOT be allowed to do that. They are like little babies, throwing a fit whenever someone else makes a phone, tablet, tv etc.

Their recently lawsuit against Samsung for icons that look slightly SIMILAR to theirs is just wrong. They should only be able to sue if it is EXACTLY the same. Thats like me making a phone icon and being sued because its in the shape of a phone, like their is. Complete BS!

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I agree with you Rodney. I think improving on ideas is great. It helps us have better things.

an example might be, the first TV in production. It was a great product that revolutionized the world, only because it was improved upon repeatedly, oops, did apple steal this idea too? haha.


my monitor is round does it fall under apples pinch and zoom patent or maybe it falls under apples rounded rectangle patent.


Apple makes me puke

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$1B to these corporations is just chump change...more of a publicity stunt IMO.

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It's all BS. How can some one patent rectangles with round corners? That is totally asinine. I really hope Apple ends up falling apart like they did when Jobs was gone the last time. I am already seeing people at work buying Android Tablets and leaving the iPad 1 and 2 they have because they are tired of Apple. I think the Apple fad may be starting to end. If so, the lawsuits will come to and end, hopefully. I have no problem with legitimate lawsuits but the crap Apple has done is just a way to bully the competition so they can force them out of the market. Screw Apple and the idiots who buy their crap.

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Its a joke

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Apple doing everything it can to stay on top even though other companies are in the same lane and getting better than Apple. It's called being a Hater!

You dont know me but that's the way i like it!

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their petty, nothing more or nothing less...

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apple is the worst of all time, they are an aliens form out space

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My car has rounded corners... does that mean that Apple will be suing me too soon? I'm so glad the corners of the house I live in does not have rounded corners. /SIGH

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I liked Apple when they were a small company fighting giants Like IBM and Microsoft. Since they got their snouts in the big pigs trough they have proved to me how fat arrogant and downright shitty this company has become. I hope they go to hell in a handcart patented by God.


Apple just can't take someone overcoming them, but they always "stealing" others work, as they sue someone who "steals" them.
I used to buy just Apple shit, until I realized what I was buying. A company several times caught exploring developing countries child labor (gone under the blanket), coping design and ideas, like iPad that actually took them about two years to launch a "prototype" (copy from Microsoft tablet).
They sue HTC (best cellphone brand in my opinion), Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, and I can't stop to think in a lot absurd law suits, they just bribe the judge to move the decision on their favor, I mean, ridiculous decisions wore made on their behalf, cases they should never win.
Companies that play like this on the market should "starve" by consumers silent protest, by just NOT buying their products!

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rounded corners that's all am saying god dam rounded corners apple get real


Apple had no right to sue Samsung.
Screw them!