Satisfied with your computer gear?



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please del.

Manic Mouse
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Pretty much satisfied with my rig. Doubt I will ever load it up enough with today's software to actually stress out this behemoth.

I mean you can do an awful lot with 64GB Main Memory and 12 virtual cores running at a 30% overclock lol - enough to set up 10GB as a ramdisk and never miss it.


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I have run out of money, so I have to be satisfied. When and if I strike it lucky, then the hunt for upgrades will inevitably be on. Until then my rig will do just fine.


I, personally, am not satisfied. I'm only 15 and when selecting my laptop a several months back that my parents had decided I had earned, I completely forgot to include the graphics card and now have to settle for integrated graphics on a Sandy Bridge CPU. I would get a new computer tower with a fairly good graphics card but sadly my parents don't give me an allowance, but rather, get things for me when they find it suitable, and being a techie the only things I want are few but expensive, and needless to say high price tags don't work for their suitability. I'm unable to save up and thus cannot earn or receive something with so much as a video card as a result.
So no, not satisfied.

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To be honest I havent been satisfied since i bought my first computer 12 years ago and built it. It seems that I always want the next generation and seem to neglect things to get them, kinda weird. But with how my last build went, I am satisfied for awhile i think. I feel like computer parts have gone from Great quality last long to piss poor quality and lets have an upgrade every year type thing and its annoying to me.


My rig is only 8 month old it i payed 1 1600 USD for it but i`m im the kinda guy who could buy himself a new rig every 3 month, so i am not satisfied. But i can`t afford to always get new stuff and my current rig has to stay atleast another 8 month before i can start negotiations over a new one with my better half. Hard world :)


Oh Rodney. You are so well spoken, you say things that I have thought about or said, but you put these ideas into words so well.

My computer gear is mostly close to 5 years old. I still love to play the games that were around 5 years ago, but for newer games I don't think my gear will be enough. Past time to upgrade for me, but I don't want to make my computer the only hole I sink money into.

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It works and that's enough for me, but there is always room for improvement.

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Somewhat satisfied. I have a decent graphics card I won, appliances, processor, monitor, processor, etc, but I feel like I need to install a terabyte hard drive so I can move all of my Steam games to that directory.

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Im am the same

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As long as there are new video cards, a true computer enthusiast can never be satisfied.

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No, never, sadly I'm always buying the cheap of the cheapest, though I try to stay on a good brand but I'm still getting the cheapest of that brand, for once I'd like to simply get something that just works as expected and when it comes to my mouse and keyboard, I've never spent more then $20 USD.

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Kinda. The only thing I would like, but not disparate for is a larger capacity SSD.

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I'm still running a core 2 quad which is still a decent processor, but I'm also stuck with a radeon HD3870 for now. Hopefully soon I will be upgrading to a GTX570. Right now I average 25FPS in BF3 on all low settings...not much fun there....

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Still not satisfied.


Satisfied. lol


everything is nice. what do you do for a living and how do you make it work if you have a fam?

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I work for Microcenter, a PC parts store. Think NewEgg but you can actually go see stuff. And in many cases get it for the same or less money. lol

As for make it work. Well, it's all about budgeting. I don't make a huge amount of money by any means. My wife and I just work hard at budgeting well and have almost zero credit card debt. If we can not pay in cash, we don't buy it. Selling parts off when you upgrade helps a lot too.


Nice i'm glad your wife is good with the toys. I do about $50k, but I no longer partake in any of that fun stuff. My GF (practically my wife) would nag me to no end. I am a former computer sci rig geek myself, who no longer owns his own computer (i have a work laptop), because I don't want to hear my GF bitch about me gaming and spending time building rigs instead of giving our toddler a bath and changing diapers (even though i could still do all of it). I can't even get on the internet without her up my ass wondering what i'm doing. Maybe she assumes i must be talking to other women. It sucks man... but I suppress my happiness for the good of our toddler. So you enjoy lol.