How Large Is Your Computer System?

How Large Is Your Computer System?



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full tower, 30 inch, weighing in at 50kg :)

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Manic Mouse
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HAF XM - a little bigger than middling, but not huge.


Asus Maximus VIII Hero, Intel i7 6700K @4.6Ghz, 64gb Corsair Vengeance Black/White 3200MHZ, MSI GTX 1070 Aero 8G OC, Samsung 840 Evo, Vertex 4, Intel 510 & Adata SX900 SSDs, wrapped in a CoolerMaster HAF XM case. Monitor 27" Samsung SyncMaster SA850 2560 x 1440

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I've got too much computers. From a full size case (Stacker 830), Mid size (Antec Super Lanboy) to a Qpack (Aspire) and some other random mid size cases. Soooo I got all of the above, except those bookshelf computers (ITX format ones)

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Mine is in a Thermaltake Element V Black Edition case and it's stuffed to the gills and weighs a ton. Currently OverClocked Zambezi to 4.7Ghz and crossfired with 5 HDD's and 1 SSD, 16 @ 2133, 2 opticals, fan controller, twin 2.5 hot swap bays a 3.5 hot swap bay, 1050 watt 80% silver PSU, water cooled with 11 fans total, I'll take a guess and say it weights right around 55 lbs.


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My Gaming Rig
Case Coolermaster HAF 932 Full Tower Case
CPU AMD FX 8120 (8 cores)
GPU ATI Powercolour 6990
Mobo Asus M5A99X EVO am3+
Corsair H60 watercooling
Ram 16gb corsair 1600mhz dominator
O/s Windows 7 64bit
PSU ocz zx series 850w 80+ gold
SSD OCZ Octane Series 128 GB
HDD's 1x2tb, 3x1tb
AirCooled 7x120mm BLUE LED Coolermasters fans and 230mm and 140mm Coolermasters fan with fan controller
4 blue light tubes
Monitors Aser 3X S243Hl 24" (eyefinity) Philips 42"
[email protected]
Headset Logitech G930 Wireless 7.1
Xenta XForce 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers
Emprex Cheetah Professional Gaming Keyboard 9051H Wired
Cyborg R.a.t9 Wireless Gaming Mouse
CM Strom weapon of choice mouse pad
LG Webcam HD 720p

Case Coolermaster HAF 932 Full Tower Case,CPU AMD FX 8120 (8 cores),GPU ATI Powercolour 6990
Mobo Asus M5A99X EVO am3+,Corsair H60 watercooling,Ram 16gb corsair 1600mhz dominator
O/s Windows 7 64bit,PSU ocz zx series 850w 80+ gold,SSD OCZ Octane Series 128 GB,HDD's 1x2tb, 3x1tb


I have not logged in for a while, and forgot the password. Oh well...

My personal everyday PC is the Fortress 2, 8-core Intel, 8GB memory, 5 hard drives (Three 3TB data drives, one Velociraptor 600GB and one Velociraptor 1TB drives) 2 optical drives, Xonar D2 sound card, 22 inch monitor. Plus three 4-drive e-Sata for backups.

I also have a netbook and the Samsung Galaxy S2. Elsewhere in my house is an Asus Laptop. An Antec 1200 with Quad Core Intel, two Velociraptor 300GB drives, plus one 2TB data drive. An Antec 300 with Dual Core Intel, with 2 drives.

All but the netbook running Ubuntu Linux. The netbook has Win XP, and I have not had the nerve to convert it to Ubuntu. I don't know if it will work, so I don't experiment.


I have everything. An Android smartphone, ipad, zotac sff nettop htpc, atom ion htpc, some HP desktop, custom intel cxxx file server, custom sandybridge hackintosh in a antec 900 case and a watercooled i7 gaming rig in a corsair 800d case. I have dual monitors on fancy vesa swing arms.


Silverstone PS6ob midtower case
Amd Linao A8-3870K
Gigabyte GA-A75-UDH4 full atx motherboard
OCZ vertex III 128GB OS drive
Western Digital cavair black 1.5 TB hard drive
1 blue ray writer
I blue ray reader
OcZ 600 what modular bronze Power supply

extra fans, 140mm bottom intake (air penetrator)
120 MM rear cae exhaust fan (silverstone thermal control)

COolermaster Hyper 212 EVO improveded cpu cooler
Sata 2 slot card with internal ports so I do not waste usb 3.0 ports
Haupauge dual TV tuner
Corel graphics blu ray playback software
Windows 7 home premium
Muttfunction card reader
4 extra usb 2.0 ports on a slot plate
Extermal molex power slot plate to power extra external Hard drives


Large system. I have a XION Predator 970 case with the h100. :D


Too large.
Regret getting the ft02 a couple years ago.. It is overkill for my 3570k and HD7950.

Definitely going smaller when i upgrade in 2-3 years. Hopefully by then smaller than atx form factors will have improved a lot, and small cases too.

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Very very mammoth. I was building my computer in the living room and had to carry it up the stairs to my room and it was a huge hassle. Next time I think I need to choose a lighter case :(


Hey Rodney, since when you count days to weekend? Is something big coming?

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Yea, I have an event planned at wings restaurant with a bunch of buds. Babysitter is booked and all it set for some Friday fun. Wings, beer and conversation :)

Rodney Reynolds,

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Pretty big if you ask me, i got the nzxt phantom. :D

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This is my main workstation used for gaming, editing and all of that good stuff (which I consider large):

I have smaller systems like a netbook, Android tablet and smartphone.

Windows 8 Pro 64-bit|Asus M5A97 R2.0|Phenom II x6 1090T BE 3.5Ghz (OC)|Kingston HyperX Blu 24GB DDR3 1600MHz|Gigabyte HD7950 Windforce 3X 3GB|OCZ Vertex 4 128GB/Seagate Barracuda 2TB|CoolerMaster Elite 430|CoolerMaster TX3 Evo w/ Blade Master fan.


Got a Mountain Mods Ascension so i'd say it's friggin' large.

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Also, the larger the better, more rooms, more fans = all good.

GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K Devil's Canyon Ram:(2 x 8GB DDR3 ) GPU :x2 GTX 960 PSU: Corsair 750w

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I have the xclio black hawk, the case its self is more mettle then anything else, as a matter of a fact, very little of it is plastic, its huge, though I don't love it but that's not because of its size.

I badly want to replace it but can never get the money saved up to replace it, there is always something else I have to get so... Yeah, large case but I don't love it.

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I have a HUGE desktop!!


Currently using a 17" laptop for gaming and some portability (LAN parties). Just yesterday I ordered parts to build myself a micro atx PC since my laptop no longer has the power to run modern games.

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i have big one cooler master 840 acts :)


I've currently running a mid tower system with a Micro ATX and AMD. I'm planning on upgrading this fall to a SFF computer for portability and space saving. It works for me since I don't work in tech or design jobs. I think I'm gonna have to pick up a new tablet soon too.

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3 of them: one desktop for general use like gaming and....other laptop for almost the same stuff (except gaming :(( Intel GMA Inside :(( ) and one Android smartphone!

That's it!

*Intel E8500 E0 *Asus P5Q-Pro *A Data Vitesta Extreme 800+ *Gigabyte HD6870-OC *WD640AAKS *Corsair vx450w


A mid tower...Thermaltake V9. In my opinion it's pretty large. Now I would like to ask you something irrelevant. Whats a good pc case for my computer ? I have a budget of up to 200$
My specs are:
i7 930 @ 4.2GHz
Please help me as my computer is too lood for my liking and the heat that generates can't be managed by the current tower.
Thanks in advance!

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I have a old Full Tower PC case.

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i got a fulltower case single monitor for gaming, browsing, 3D programs and a smartphone for when i am outside

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I've got a mid tower PC, I actually wish I had a full sized motherboard and a full tower. :)

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Not sure, pretty big imo . Not Friggin Large! but big enough