Sacrifice sleep for gaming?

Sacrifice sleep for gaming?



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I sacrifice sleep a lot for Video Games. When I get into a game i get into it! I want to get everything done in the game


I tend to stay up to play games, then regret it. It's almost never worth it.


I sacifice sleep for game development. I have noticed that i get alot more creative at night and i end up making alot better content compared to what i would do during daytime.


once you play will fix that dilemma!

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I downloaded a few games from Steam during the summer sale, but hard to find time to play em unless I sacrifice my sleep.

Rodney Reynolds,


Yes, if things in a game are progressing well, I sometimes sacrifice sleep to play.

As for Breaking Bad. Yes! Great series, in it's 5th season now, so you're catching up. Best show is right!

I know you are into the series The Walking Dead, good show too on the same channel. If you like westerns, have a look at Hell on Wheels, pretty neat show about the post-civil-war era, and the westward expansion of the transcontinental railroad.(starting it's second season soon)

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Sometimes I play Final Fantasy XII without a sleep. Even Wind Waker about a couple of years ago when looking for 8 Triface charts, accumulate rupees, and find 8 Triface shards. The entire world of Wind Waker is dominated by 90%+ of sea.

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A few 5-hour energy drinks can make a difference. :)

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I only sacrifice one or two hours MAX if the game is too adictive and fun. currently I'm playing prototype 2 and I don't sacrifice any sleep

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No, never. I have to sleep 6-8 hours. Maybe if game will be really, really good so far i did not find game like that.


im addicted to MW3. and i love The Walking Dead tv series. Cant wait for season 3 to start!


addicated to bfh force to have 6 hours of sleep not the best lol

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Currently playing need for speed the run. But nearly finished playing it. Its really short! Looking forward to the new most wanted getting released hope it would be a little longer heh ;)


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I loose hours of sleep when ever I get a new game, steams summer sale cost me many many hours of sleep, still is some what heh.

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I pull all nighters all the time and with university around the corner, I'll be doing it even more haha.


I've sacrificed sleep many times to play games, I stayed up until 6am to finish the original Red Faction, just couldn't stop until I beat it and have stayed up many times with the Resident Evil's.


It happend to my on many occasions that a actually played through a hole game in one day, playing like 8-12 hours and realize it`s 4 o`clock in the morning but luckily i have my own small business so i just hang out the "not here" shield and sleep the hole afternoon xD. The last game i couldn`t stop playing was Ghost Recon Future Soldier, very good game.

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I stayed up till 3am trying to figure out what was wrong with The Witcher 2, still haven't solved my issues which kinda sucks looks like I spent $15 on a game I can't even play.

But I did get a few games from the Steam summer sale so now I'll have to choose another title to play.

Also Breaking Bad is amazing I agree it made me just as happy as Prison Break and LOST although if I could I would have skipped the last 2 episodes of LOST.

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Just did it last night...Was playing BF3 just could not was warm and wanted to play. Had no choice really :p. Never plan to make it late tho. Did you watch Game of Thrones ? That is the best atm imo.

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Sometimes, but it depends on the game, it has to be awesome. Some games like Mass Effect 2/3, Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic or Deus Ex: Human Revolution - I've played without realizing the time (I've started playing when it's daylight and realise it's 5am when I need to be up at 8am).

Other games, I don't tend to play longer than an hour so it's not an issue.

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Some times I do sacrifice sleep to play a game. But just like you Rodney it has to be a damn good one. I am addicted to Battlefield 3 and a few times I don' t sleep at all just to play it overnight.


Hey Rodney! I too am a fan of Breaking Bad. I remember finding out about it a year ago and I was hooked ever since. The current fifth season airing now is very good and so far I like it the best. Hope you continue watching as it gets better and better.