How Do You Listen To Audio?

How Do You Listen To Audio?



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for speakers i use a 5.1 GENIUS speakers and for headphones i use a A4tech gaming headset

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My PC has the Xonar D2, which goes to a Yamaha Receiver. Speakers sometimes, and headphones other times. I do NOT play games. I do Get fabulous music!

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Gaming = Headphones
Internet = Speakers

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It depends what I am doing. I like to use my Logitech speakers when I am listening to music because the sub woofer adds a lot to the music. Otherwise, I use my Tek n Motion headphones for watching videos and playing games.


I have Logitech Z-4 as my speakers, that I use during the day. During the night or when needed, I use a Speedlink Medusa NX 5.1 headset, which are quite good, but without a proper soundcard they sound quite cheap.


for gaming i use Razer Megalodons. for music i use Sony's MDR-v700 DJ ear phones. for movies i use my 7.1 home theater set up with all Paradigm studio speakers and a Denon 2707.


For gaming headphones are the best by far, both for you and you surroundings

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It all does depend on the environment. I have my computer and all games, music, etc. are all into my Yamaha sound system, but I like to listen to LP, and CD's as well-so the better for me is to keep the speakers. If I had people over, or my wife was needed to have it quiet, I'd use the headset. (p.s., I don't have the -best- speakers, those who pay attention of better sound, my speakers are actually over 35 years old and will demolish some of the newer sets...)


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Ohhh, i looove music very much!
Got my X-Fi Gamer sound card connected to Yamaha Reciever (100w RMS), 2 floor Stereo speakers (4way 250w RMS) and Subwoofer.
No need 5.1 or 7.1 in music!

Prefer gaming FPS with my Razer headset :)

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Andreas Hofer
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A pair of JBL Floor Speakers for music and the Sennheiser 380 Pro headset for gaming or listening to music late at night. Both are connected to my Xonar DX 7.1 audiocard.


Personally, I go with headphones mainly because they offer the highest quality for the price point. A pair of Audio Technica's ATH-AD700s cost me only 150 AUD. Those with a good sound card with a good internal or external headphone amp, personally I use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 which is an excellent usb audio card, provide provides a beautiful even sound stage (not at all bass heavy like many) that's perfect for audio work, gaming, watching movies and just about anything else. Also because these particular headphones are open backed I can still hear people who knock at the door. Speakers while they can be very good if done right, are difficult to set up well in many rooms and have a much higher price for the same quality. As for super loud that some seem to suggest, all that's going to lead to is tinnitus which is rather less than pleasant, and in any case a decent set of headphones doesn't need to be loud to produce excellent sound.


I have speakers but never use them, idk, I wear headphones whenever I'm at the computer despite whether I'm listening to music or not.

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Te reality:
For CD audio I'm using an old Panasonic minisisitem which is decent.
Hooked up on my computer, I have a low-end 2.0 audio system speakers, but for gaming and movies I use a decent headset (Sony MDR-XD100).

The project:
A basement with two distinct areas, one for audio-video multichannel and another area for gaming computer, multichannel also!

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I have an old Phillips fwM589 HiFi, hooked up through aux, still sounds amazing after 8 years.

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So far, poll indicates it's about equal, with only a few favoring headphones/headset.

Rodney Reynolds,

Manic Mouse
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Voted speakers, but I use both depending on the situation. If I am up at 6:00am doing some gaming, I use the headset to keep my marriage intact.

Outside of that it is speakers all the way.

Speakers=Logitech z5500 (obsolete now but still 100% Kickass)
Headset=Tritton AX pro 5.1 Digital (optical input, 4 drivers per ear)


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Well i Voted Others and no Headphones but i only use headphones.

To make clear why i chose Others: Its pretty much the Dorm Situation for me have to use Headphones, but thats not the reason.

for me Personally, i only feel comfortable when using Headphones, even if im just on the PC and dont even do anything at all with audio, i still have the Headphones on. Weird i guess but sitting on a Pc only feels right if im having a heady on.

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This may seem silly, however I have no idea how you could possibly use 5.1 audio with headphones. Perhaps some techie type could enlighten me?


You'd be surprised how much noise some headsets can leak. I would never dream of wearing my AD700 at a lan cause it'd drive everyone up the wall. I love em, everyone else in the room hates them XD.

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I usually prefer to listen to music and movies through speakers. The ones I am using are Pro level studio monitors (Borrowed from my dad). I also use them for any game, other than ones I need to communicate in, in which case I use my PX21 Headset.


does this materbord ASUS P8Z77-V 5.1 S/PDIF with games ??

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Speakers mostly or ear-buds with my mp3 player.

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At home I use my big 5.1 audio setup with two Jamo pp2000 260W as rear speakers, two B & W 130w as the front speakers can not remember their names, and then I have a Yamaha NS C444 100w as center. And to run it all, I have a Pioneer SA-8500 II 490w, Denon poa 2800 450W at 4 ohms and a Yamaha R S300 100w all of which is connected to my PC. And when I play with friends, I have a Creative Fatality MKII

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I use to use speakers but I just got the new corsair vengeance 2000 headset and im loving it


Expensive headphones will (generally) do you better than same-priced speakers. I never use speakers, audio bouncing around the room and stuff. I prefer a closed system. I used a pair of top-end sennheisers until the cable broke and I realized their custom made cable + padding would cost me more than a pair of new headphones... that's not even counting the shipping cost (I can only find it on amazon UK and European shops)... so it's just ridiculous. The way I picked them out was basically I had the storekeeper bring me a pair of higher quality. I'd listen for a bit, then he'd bring me a new pair, and so on and so forth.

I had this go on until I reached two headphones, and I as I switched between them I just couldn't hear the difference. That's when I stopped. So it's a good idea to bring your own music into the store with you.

Just don't go higher than your budget actually allows because hey, things do break. So make sure you get extras for what you can while stores are still in operation, if you're grabbing high-to-top-end stuff, because those things absolutely will not break or randomly cut their channels off if treated well.

But it worked out because I bought them in a time when I listened to metal, and they had extremely good high and mid-range, but their lows were awful compared to like what a cheap pair of koss porta pros can do, which is also kind of funny when you think about it. So like, honestly, it really depends on what you want to listen to. If you're into 80's post-punk, I'd personally recommend you trying out porta pro without hesitation, for example.

So I switched to SteelSeries siberia V2, and that one has worked out nicely for me, SUPER comfortable... but it has now now randomly cut the left channel off. Gaming headsets seem to be less great for music, though.

Right now I'm reduced to a simple pair of sony walkman earplug things (not in-ear).. I forget what they're called. Really uncomfortable for extended time, not that great audio... I'm at a loss for what to get.


Usually 2.1 speakers from my Xonar D2X, or True Vinyl turntable and speakers because even with all this technology I still say they sound about 100 times better ;)


A few years ago i used a 5.1 Speaker setup but i don`t live alone and i don`t want to annoy my familie so i cnaged to a headset, primary due to the fact that i`m playing games most of the time and a headset is better there. I still have some 2.0 Speakers for when i`m looking movies with friends or something but i`m so used to using my headset that i actually don`t like using speakers anymore. I have a Logitech G35 headset and it sounds just awesome.

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Speakers, Headset only for games with friends


Sennhesier HD 598 Headphones! I game on this and listen to music on this. I listen/watch movies on my 2.1 speakers.


I have a Onkyo HT-R380 + 5.1 connectet to an Asus Xonar D2X via optical cable.
If it's too late in the night or my girlfriend sleeps I use my Corsair Vengeance 2000


I have a Sony STR 2800L amp made in the 70s and a pair of Pioneer CS 790 speakers (1990s I think), stereo only, loud as hell, perfect sound quality, music sounds amazing and explosions in games sound like they are happening in the same room, no need for surround crap or those seperate "sub woofers", those things are such a cop out, you can still get this stuff pretty cheap if you shop around, I also have an 80s JVC amp which is just as good but a little less powerfull. There's also something nice about plugging in my brand new high end PC in to a machine that is partly made of wood!


I often listen through my studio monitors (Yes, monitors, audio monitors, used in music studios), but occasionally I put on my headphones.


My ears


Speakers or Headsets Super Loud to!