Ever had a Computer Virus/Trojan/Spyware?

Ever had a Computer Virus/Trojan/Spyware?



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The worst virus I had was a Mac.

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It's been calm days with Windows 7 64bit. My adventures with 98 and XP on the other hand have been much worse. Probably lost many days of sleep with viruses so bad I've low-level formatted the drives.

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Haven't seen a virus/trojan/malware in many years.

Mind you I keep my system behind a few layers of firewall and never set a system in the router's DNZ. Sometimes is is a PITA to work around, but I do handle a lot of corporate secrets on my systems so security is way up there in my networking priorities.


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Haven't had a bad one for a few years but yeah. It happened :D


Rodney wants to know what virus protection we have so he can plan a virus... haha... just kidding Rodney.

I have had trojans/viruses occasionally, and I do a system restore. Easy and done. Worse ones are an excuse for a fresh clean install. :D

On a different note, I think virus programmers should be burned to death and then rot in Hell. These guys cost everyone a lot of time and a lot of money.

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True enough, creators of malicious software have issues.

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I've got BitDefender Internet security, and so far so good, 120 days left on the licence and pc still runs smooth.

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MSE > all
Paying for an antivirus is a waste of money. Even if you pay for one, you can still get viruses.

I work at a computer repair shop and virus computers are our most common thing we have to do.

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I have before, but it's been years since I've ever a legitimate virus; most of what I get are false-positives. I was using Avast Antivirus which does it's job well, and stopped a few drive-by viruses, but I'm just not into proprietary software. Now I'm using ClamWin with Clam Sentinel.

As for paid software, most of it is just a scam. A few hackers stole Norton's source code, and there was an "alternative" scanner in the program, which pretty much lied to you and said you have viruses, even if your computer was virus free to get you to buy the software subscription or renew it. These security companies make their money by scaring you, not by securing you.

In all fairness though, I use Windows ONLY when I'm gaming; if I'm not implicitly planning on gaming, I'm not on Windows. Period. I use Ubuntu more often than Windows. I've been doing a little toying with Arch as well.

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On my old xp i got a trojan that shut down my computer everytime i tryed to log on the internet. Used AVG at that time. Removed that and dowloaded a test version of Norten, and when it expired it started spamming me and opened up windows telling me to buy it. Tryed to remove it but couldnt, it wouldnt let me, everytime i opened a web page a message poped up saying i needed to buy it. I had to contact Norten to get help to remove it, and you know what they did. They said that i could get it for half the price, if i bought it insted of deleting it. lol. No way, never ever Norten again. When i got my first real gaming rig i run it for a year without virus protection and never had a problem. But on my second gaming rig i got AVG again. Still having AVG today. But why worry. Today most people are on facebook, facebook is the biggest spyvirus out there. lol :-) My AVG says that i have lots of unused files that it wants to remove. Mostley in windows, is that because of years of upgrades? I dont get it, why i should have a bunch of old unused files on my computer?

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Years ago on an XP machine I had to do a full wipe and reinstall the OS. I think I contracted it from an instant messenger...funny thing I had Norton installed :S

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It's been about 7 to 12 years ago during the days of Windows XP before Vista came out. Ugh! I can't stand Windows XP being in Administrator mode, even with Service Pack 2. I wish I could've (Google Chrome marks "could've" as misspelled) went with Linux solely for music creation and gaming, along with Internet surfing. Plus, this is without a router. The question is, who does not have a router during the days of Windows 98 and XP? My mom's computer does get icons shown up during 2007 without her knowledge when she said to me that applying updates slows down her computer. I guess it's because of all the crapware going on. Think Norton 2002 or 2003 even after reinstalling Windows XP so many times.

Jesus criminals...

Well, with the days of Windows Vista and 7, I've not have had any viruses ever since.

God, I feel like hating Windows because of the market share and that Microsoft does not want Linux preinstalled in computers before shipping to consumers, but I'm loving Windows 7 so much.

Anyway, I don't think it's possible for me to get rid of Windows 7 without saying goodbye to the Office suit, which I really love the ribbon interface that open source purists really hate them to bits. I just had a feeling that the toolbars and menus in OpenOffice/LibreOffice are just too confusing for me to work with and the ribbon interface is a lot simple for me to work with. I might go with HTML5 and CSS3 for word processing, as I have no need for printing. But then I do miss Outlook 2010 for e-mail, calendaring, tasks, contacts, and some other things and again, especially the ribbon interface. I feel like I'm having trouble getting rid of Windows 7, especially for gaming. I really want to play The Last Remnant and emulated games (NES, SNES, PSX, N64, etc.), though.

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I've had viruses in the past, but none in a very long time. I'm careful about which sites I go to. I use the free version of AVG. I don't feel it's necessary to pay for a anti-virus. The free ones work just fine for me.

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Long time no see but in past i have a few big problems with virus and trojan's lost almost all my data in resolute... I agree Spybot is a must!

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The last time I had one was probably 5 years ago. It was before I had an internet connection or antivirus and it totally messed up my Windows installation, I lost everything. I can't remember how I got it though.

I haven't had one since though, knock on wood.

I use a combination of Avast! and Malwarebytes although I have used Microsoft Security Essentials in the past (and that's pretty good for a free AV in my opinion, lightweight). I've known some people who have used Comodo

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That was a bad one :( What Internet Security Software package are you using?


I think the question is, who hasn't.

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Yea, true enough. Maybe it's a conspiracy!