What did you do on Father's Day?

What did you do on Father's Day?




no fathers day here.
So I played Command and Conquer

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Please refer to the PSU manual, but my video should help:

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OMFG, a Father's Day! Today! Thank you Rodney, it would be a huge fail to forgot. Happy Father's Day to everyone from Poland!


I spent the day bedridden..


Happy Fathers day too, I played games most of the day cus it was also my birthday, lols..

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Nothing, my dad left me when I was 1, on christmas non the less and left me a stuffed teddy bear, haven't seen nor heard from sense.

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Can join you mate, I was left with my mom when I was 10, my dad took all our money, car, house and everything else, now he has a good running company. If it weren't for my mom's parents we would surly landed under the bridge. So for me f*ck Father's Day!

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The person you guys have/had are fathers, but not dads.

There are some big differences....

Any guy that doesn't shoot blanks can be a father. It is dead easy. It takes no more than a few minutes and the job is done. No more effort required. Being a father is a biological function - and for some guys it is nothing more.

A father can also be a dad, but for an alarmingly large number of people he is not, which is really sad.

Being a dad is hard, but at the same time it is one of the most rewarding things a man can do in his life. Your dad is your mentor, role model, playmate, confidante and the person who will always be there to help you when you are in trouble. He is your security blanket and your protector. He is the one guy in the entire world you can count on.

The thing is that while a Father can also be a dad, a dad is not always also a father.

The point behind Father's day is not necessarily a day about fathers but rather a day to 'thank you' to that guy who you look to as a dad - even if he really is not your father.

Yes, I am a dad and have been one for 26 years.

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Daughter took me out for brunch & went halfs with me to buy this kickass 27" Philips MVA LED monitor. Was an excellent dad's day.


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Great explanation.
I love my dad. He's a great guy (also my biological father) and we took him out fishing for Father's day.