Do you play zombie games?

Do you play zombie games?




I was growing on a Resident Evil, so zombies were my best friends. If you can advice me something similar - I'll be more then happy. provides free essays online.

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They say "Bad LSD" but that's misleading because they are actually referring to bath salts, which is not the kind of bath salts you get that you put in your bath tub to make it smell nice and "rejuvenate" your skin. Bath Salts is a street name for a designer drug that is/used to be sold in convenient stores and gas stations, until some areas have banned them due to some people having extreme reactions.

Either way, this is just a guess from the police and Doctors that the man in Miami was on "Bath Salts" that caused his insanity and attack on a homeless man, and then misleading head lines with words like LSD on it, is just non-sense. Rapper Big Lurch has eaten his female room-mate due to taking PCP, but I have never heard of a crime case related to LSD, and the only drug test I am aware of for LSD is a spinal tap.

I've never seen, or heard of Timothy Leary, or Terence McKenna, or other millions of people who have used, or currently using LSD, going around eating peoples faces. That's just simply not a side effect, and if it was, it was more because the person who was taking LSD, already had underlying serious mental issues, before the drug was introduced.

Anyways, the "Bath Salts" aka "Bad LSD("LSD-like" is what they meant, even though none of them have ever experienced LSD first hand, so it's more of a propaganda statement)" is just a guess. No one knows for sure if there was drugs even involved in the Miami incident, until we receive information from the toxicology report in a couple weeks, or so. Even then, the truth can come out, or he could actually have been sober and they will report some kind of disinformation that he was on "Bath Salts", or PCP, when for all we know, he could have been sober. But lies can be told to please the public(if they feel the need too, it really depends), because if he wasn't on drugs, then it might cause up a stir, or people will just say he had mental issues and that he finally snapped that day. Who knows.

Time will tell. But people shouldn't jump to any assumptions until the toxicology reports comes in and even with that I would take with a grain of salt. We live in a crazy world after all. Money is a drug and we are all under it's influence and people do crazy things just to get money and lies are told every day, big and small from all walks of life. Same thing goes for power. But hopefully the truth will come out and the only way we can know if there was even any drugs involved is with the toxicology report.

And when certain people hand other certain people "LSD" and call it "LSD", doesn't mean that it is, in fact, LSD. Those certain people could have been given anything. Until those certain people actually have the know how to test chemicals and *know* what they do and test what a certain chemical actually is that's been given to them, they could be taking chlorine, or warfarin, or any number of things for all they know.

Take care. Use real logic and not "logic."

Toby R. Varga

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How about plants vs zombies? its actually pretty fun!

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sometimes, theres only a few in existence that i do like.

like actually pretty much the only two i like are resident evil series, and dead island

except for those.. nah, not for me.

zombies feel pretty dull to me most of the time.

oh, and dead space was kinda cool too cuz it had zombies which were completely different from those clichematic 'guuuh...brains!'
zombies like there are in most zombie-games
wtf, since when are halflife and halflife2 zombie games? O.o

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to get some idea of how much I like zombies heh

Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
Half Life
Half Life 2
Half Life 2 Ep 1
Half Life 2 Ep 2
Dead Frontier
Garry's Mod ( many zombie mods )
Project Zomboy

I just realized if I sat here listing all the games, movies, shows and anime I've watched zombies get killed in, I'd be here for a while heh, lets just say the list would be around 100 or so, probably or so hah.

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Hell yes, I love zombie games, movies, shows, you name it, well not every thing but right now I'm trying to get into the Arma 2 Mod, DayZ, gotta get the games for it first but it looks like a crazy fun time, its still in Alpha so it has some pretty good potential to becoming they best zombie game ever!

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Arma 2 with the DayZ mod is like nothing else. You have zombies and 50 player servers it's basically a simulator for a zombie apocalypse what's not to like.


I play mostly killing floor because of high variety of different type of zombies and its challenging also.

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I know this may sound stupid but I only play them if they have a nice story line. I know I know, zombies and good story lines.... what can you add to existing zombie "rules" that makes them interesting, but like you said, some movies, some games know how to make it fun and enjoyable so YES, I do play some games from time to time


An amazing new zombie mod called DayZ for Arma2 is hitting the scene and is becoming SUPER Popular. Its a survivor / zombie mod/game for PC. Check it out, because its awesome!

Not here to promote anything, but if you want footage thats funny and serious my youtube channel has some of the videos for DayZ

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I hate those type of games "we have no idea for a game" "let's make a zombie game yeeee" and it's billions of them ... only exception is HL those games I play (but it's different kind of zombie there)

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It was fun in the beggining, now its like normal. I dont get sceared and that was the most fun with the games. Im waiting for season 3 of The Walking Dead, hoping it would improve even more then it have from 1 too 2. But Rodney, how many differnt types of zombies are there? People never agree on the differnt zombies in 8days, resident or the walking dead. Some say that the ones in 8 days isnt actualy zombies but insted rage infected live humans. What do you think?


Zombies on Black Ops!

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I'm not a huge fan of Zombie films or games. The only ones I follow or have played are Resident Evil films/games. I find Zombie games/films cliché for the most part, but that's just my opinion.

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