Mouse click noise or silent?

Mouse click noise or silent?



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I actually need to hear my mouse click. I gotta know if I clicked or not!

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I gotta hear my mouse click.


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i personally couldnt care less. i never even thought about it since its always been a normal thing in my life.

although i think i do like it, i dun think id like to have a mouse which doesnt make a sound. just like a lot of others for me it confirms for me that i click

and i think that if id ever get a mouse which points out to be silent it would most likely feel weird at first to suddenly not hear that click ive heard all my life

but it wouldnt exactly be something that id really look at when looking for a mouse. theres lots more important things about a mouse then that. im not gonna look over an ad and be looking like 'oh does it click or not?'
not exactly something i care about, rofl

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that was me, lols. thought i was logged in but apparently not.

rodney really should make it more obviously visible wether you're logged in or not.
just like he really should add link to user control panel, so you dont have to go log out and back in if you wanna change something about your info

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I actually have a custom mouse from USA (made in China) that makes no sound when depressing the mouse buttons. The third button (wheel) is not quiet though.

Piece of crap mouse, but the contact thingies under each of the two mouse buttons are simply silent in operation.

Had to glue the crappy cheap plastic parts together on the mouse to remove the creaking noise when laying my hand on it.

The fact that this mouse is a reality sometimes makes me wonder if perhaps there is a damn conspiracy in which users are forced to use crap hardware that makes noise, with those annoying mouse clicks, as if people wanted to hear them. Every damn mouse in all the stores seem to have mandatory clicking noise. That is bullshit.

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I don't mind the click sound but slicent would be nice as I work in silent environment:)

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Normally I need to feel the click in my finger tips, but not necessarily hear it. All though to hear a soft click does help my brain register the button pressing action, I prefer some noise with my keyboard.

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Never thought much of it before now the clicking bugging the shit out of me :P

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hmmmmmm...yeah i gues i like the noise..iv never really owned a mouse without a if i were to switch now it would probably sound a bit weird

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Personally I like the sound. I want to know when I click and when I just play with the mouse. It's the same for keyboards, I like to hear a little click to know that it registers my commands


Doesn't really matter to me, not going to be on a stealth mission with one, so as long as it's not like an overly loud mouse (I've yet to find one I'd classify as this, aside from some older ones).

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Ye it depends sometimes i feel like it's laud as hell but in game ? don't bothers me.

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I like to hear my mouse click, its what I'm use to and why change when it an't broke, I don't think the clicking sound ever bothered me, now keyboards that you can clearly hear through the mic of a friends over the internet, now that can be annoying but not enough to go run down to the store and buy a new keyboard for them.

as of right now, a quiet clicking mouse is just a gimmick to me but I sort of can see why in some cases that someone would want a quiet clicking mouse.

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For me it depends on the application.

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