Do you consider yourself a geek?

Do you consider yourself a geek?



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100% USDA-certified Grade "A" Geek

And I have been one longer than I really want to admit.


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I don't look like a geek by any means, but when people hear about my knowledge in computers, they realized I am pretty nerdy. I don't really mind people thinking I'm a nerd; I just realize I know a lot more than they do. Do what makes you happy in life and don't worry about what everyone else thinks. I'm majoring in Computer Science at UW-Madison which adds to my nerd rep. lol

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I don't consider myself but I do have more knowledge than the average user and I can customize a good computer. I was once called by a shop owner by saying: "Man, you're a freak!" as I mentioned that a buyer should take an 80+ cerificated (gold) PSU since they are better and last longer.

Many sees me as geek and a nerd but I don't and never will be one since I have so much to learn about everything. Once I know the server market and more about motherboard, ram (understand what 8-8-8-24 means) what server cpu has and decide what best on the server market then I can say that I am near being geek.

I also know if I want to go for GPGPU-orientated tasks then nvidia GTX 680 is not the best choice but for gaming it be but it isn't worth it if you compare to what you get the money. Same goes with mobil gpu, amd is better and cheaper.

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I've always been a geek. When most kids my age were playing out, at around 7 years old I picked up my first microscope and chem set then went to work looking at everything from blood to insects and performing experiments. I found a love for Star Trek at around 9, and the same time my grandfather bought some old manuals for computers they used at his workplace which sparked my love for computers and technology. After I left secondary school, I went on to study music and tech in college.

25, British, Geek, and proud. =D

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Man people should be flooding this page. Address your mind. I'm sure Bill Gates, was laughing his ass off when people said geeks are not cool. I too agree with the person comment below. I play sports in college, CSU Chico Basketball and I am a geek. At first my team mate saw me a weirdo. When their stuff broke down and I would fix them. Yeah after that we became close friends. Oh, btw I average 20 points, 10 rebounds, 2 block, 5 assist per game. Ball my team mate up. When them cheer leaders came to me. I was like pass. So sad!! To be on the real though, I have a girl and she hates everything about tech. But she loves me for who I am. So man that homie from easydreampc. You rock man. What you speak is some real legit. Also love you Rodney, keep the video coming. Thank you for putting this up.

Geek world hollar if you hear me!!!!!


I am a geek man. I love all tech stuff, audio, video and all kinds of tech stuff. I also play sports during high school and work on this book " how to mac" with my teacher. Just want to set the record straight. Although all geeks are not athletic, we are all just the same as others. " Different" There are hybrid geeks like my self who loves technology and play sports. I'm am not the only one. People including geeks now a days are so versatile in everything that we do. Yet woman still see "Geek's" as a bad thing. I wish the word geek wasn't so taboo. So hurray for geeks. If you are one please stand up. Hold up your head high and when your making all that cash money. I'm sure every pretty lady will line up for you. Now don't get me wrong ladies. I do agree that we all as human. Just because were geek, got to be clean, dress well and most importantly be professional at what we do. Put it in short terms, I do believe there is a lady for everyone. I would like to say thanks to Rodney for bringing this topic up and dream on ladies. "LOL"

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Ty! And yes I am! And I'm proud of it

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Have a geeky day everyone :)

Rodney Reynolds,