Do you get extended warranties?

Do you get extended warranties?



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Only place where I will consider an extended warranty is on a new car (sometimes).

IMHO 99% of the extended warranties out there are rubbish. If you ever have to exercise them, they become null and void as soon as you do. Sure you will get a replacement or repair, even if the product is within the manufacturer's warranty period, the extended warranty ends as soon as that is done. You are better off simply dealing with the manufacturer's warranty at least you still get a warranty on the replacement.

In my own experience, I have found electronics will show their problems within the first 4-6 weeks of their life. If they live that long, they will more often than not last pretty much until you are ready to replace them.


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i usually never get them. i change my stuff once a year or two and why would i?


I've only gotten an extended warranty twice and that was on a refurbed xbox and xbox 360. It was $20 for a year but the price of the product was decreased $20 so it was a wash in my opinion.

I think its getting out of hand. Walmart will ask if I want it on something that is $20. At that price if its damaged I'll buy a another one.

The only things I would possibly consider an extended warranty are very large items. Big TVs large appliances where they will go to your home to repair or replace the item. Then I'll usually try to see what the manufacturer's warranty does that too.

When it comes to vehicles I am more inclined to get a better warranty depending on the price.


I never take extended warranties, I used to sell them in a previous job and in reality you rarely get your money's worth and they make it a real challenge to get a replacement or repair. Best save your money for your next purchase in my opinion..

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When I bought a DVR a few years ago they asked me if I wanted it, I said no because it was already costing me $600 just for the DVR. He ended up giving the extended warranty to me for free.

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I always wonder how reliable these companies are in following through with their guarantee. They already have your money and in some cases it could be years before you would need to contact them.

That said, it seems like it might be a good idea if you buy a refurbished item. I don't know if this is possible in many retail stores but I know newegg offers it. Most refurbs only have a ninety day warranty.

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Heck no, never. Like you pointed out, and something I've always thought - most product warranties are 2-5 years...most people perform or get upgrades within that time either way. So what's the point?

It's just a money grabbing scheme for those who are less informed or (sorry if this next part sounds harsh) are just gullible.

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LOL... Seems most are well informed and do not buy extended warranties. I believe women go for this more than men anyway. Companies love women ;)

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No never


It really depends on what but not for computer parts. Big ticket items (TVs or SLR Camera) maybe if the perks are good like in home service, accidental damage and such.

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There is no such thing in my country.

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Curious, where do you live?