What's your preferred Computer Case style?

What's your preferred Computer Case style?



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Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced for me. Sleek and stylish with loads of features.


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Rack mount, All the way,
So neat having them all racked up.

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The bigger the better. Going to get a Cosmso 2 asap, unless I can find a good price on a Caselabs STH 10.

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Kedren Aderac
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Something in the middle ... slightly modded Antec LanBoy Air here.


Functionality above everything else.
The nicest looking case I have had is the Antec P180. I guess that is plain, at least that is what I voted.
I really have a hard time on polls where I am not sure what the possible choices covers.
Anyway I hate LED stuff in my case as I have it in my bedroom.

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I would have to say simple and clean like Fractal Design Define XL. witch is my current case. and i love it. :D

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I like cases like the Raven RV-01 and the Phantom


XION Predator 970 is a sweet case.


CM Cosmos S! Great Watercooling capabilities even in these days... :D

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Plain computer case with acoustic foam in almost all sides of a 5U rack-mountable case. What I'm thinking of is this:

Top:<br /> +--------------------------------------------------+<br /> | Door with acoustic foam |<br /> +---------------------------------------+---200mm--+<br /> |) Single Optical Drive (|) SSD (|<br /> |) Cable management holes (|) 1 2 (|<br /> |) Flex mATX Motherboard (|) HDD (|<br /> |) PSU (|) 3 4 (|<br /> +----------------120mm fan--------------+---200mm--+</p> <p>Front:<br /> +----------+---------------------------------------+<br /> |)vvvvvvvv(|)vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv(|<br /> |) Hard (|) (|<br /> |) Drive (|) mATX, Optical Drive, Pico PSU (|<br /> +----------+---------------------------------------+<br /> |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|<br /> +--------------------------------------------------+</p> <p>^, (, ), and v signifies acoustic foam.

The reason why I chose the design is because I don't want anything shown in the front panel of the case. I'd like mine to look sleek and professional. This includes a power button which should go behind the door. A VFD display would be nice in the door, but then it will need to be covered behind the display to prevent the connectors and PCB from being touched accidentally. The door in all sides can have vents.

For the motherboard and power supply, I chose mATX because I don't plan to add a lot of PCI slots but as for PSU, I'd like it to be small and have a max power consumption of 100 watts so a 220W PSU (like this one with a couple of Molex-SATA conversion cables) should suffice with a 40-50% load max so it's only light gaming and music creation. I'd like to get the most performance out of a CPU while being efficient even though I'd prefer AMD instead of Intel.

(Right now, the code tag is not working right. Not even with "[" and "<".

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Not sure what you'd consider mine but

I like my cases to look either beefy or very simple on the outside, no reflective plastic that attracts dust and fingerprints but also be versatile, when it comes to fans and liquid cooling, have space meant for the cooling unit and though I have not seen it yet, space behind the motherboard tray for the liquid cooling tubes, not just the power cords, then when it comes to fans, have enough slots for at least 6 120mm or larger fans.

My biggest beef with the cases I've seen lately, is space behind the motherboard tray, I've heard a few talk about the great space they have behind their motherboard tray but I honestly think that they should more then double the space behind the motherboard tray, sure it'd make the case thicker and heavier but I say its well worth it.

I haven't really seen a case to match all the things I've listed above but of course I don't buy cases often.

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Some of the cases today are rather annoying to work with and the placement of parts is dumb. How many of you invent ways to stretch a 8-pin 12v cable under cards or behind motherboards to reach? I'm still partial to the old Aluminum Mid-Towers with a side-window.

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Fractal Design Arc Midi, Cooler Master Haf 922, NZXT Phantom 410, and Corsair 500r are my favorite cases.


Fractal Design Define XL. I love the plain and nice look of it.



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Professional - Lian Li Brushed Alumnum


Personally, I like cases like the CM Storm Trooper. Black painted interior and a side panel with a window.

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I'd say that the Cooler Master Elite 430 case I have is the design route I go for in general.

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I like Silverstone's 90 degree cases.


90 degrees shifted cases