Would you buy a 1TB SSD?

Would you buy a 1TB SSD?




i would buy it.. buy spend no more than 700 usd for it... good price imo considering the the 512 ssd are going for about 350-400 usd...

but all in all they're just numbers so why does it really matter?


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if i could afford that.... hell yeah!
or if the prices get lower i totally would.

but right now... hell no, waaay to pricey, those.
i have a 120GB SSD now which is perfect.

once prices drop so that SSDs become just as much as a normal HD or a little bit more i might think of buying me a bigger one, but right no way

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Just bought a 512GB SSD, so no. But I was seriously in doubt if 512GB would be enough, after all I want steam on it and those games were already above the 512GB mark, then we have WoW, D3 and Win7.
1TB sounds nice, but the at the price I think I can do with a 512GB for now until they get a lot cheaper.

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When the price is right I'll buy one.

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I would buy it if i became rich or they became HDD priced.

Andreas Hofer
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4 Western Digital RE4 1TB in RAID 5 at the moment for games and video editing is enough, unless it would be super cheap like below 50.

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I expect a SSD to be faster (fast boot up times etc) rather than larger, we can use larger (1TB+) Hard drives for storage if we need them. But even RAM disks are coming back into vogue now that high speed RAM is so cheap and that would kick any SSD to the kerb. Powered RAM anyone?



No, because I just got a 240 gb.

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for that price ?! ye.... NO are you crazy ?

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Heh no, that's overkill, I'd only ever do so if they cost under $50

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I'd buy it when SSD becomes cheap. That would be in the next 5-10 years.

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If it was cheaper, I would


I couldn't stomach the prices for even the 256GB versions. 1GB just isn't an option. Would enthusiasts even touch those?


I meant 1TB!

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It would depend on the price. If it was affordable, yes - then again, I only have a 64GB SSD so anything higher than that would be good for me. lol

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LOL is this a troll question?