Do you allow YouTube annotations?

Do you allow YouTube annotations?



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I do. Sometimes there are notes there that the Youtube user put because they forgot to mention in the video.


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If you disable them and the person makes a mistake you are stuck not knowing the truth.

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the there is a no trespassing sign up.

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no, it's really annoying


I have them enabled if i just watch something random, but i always disable them if i watch in fullscreen or if they take too much space.

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Good, it seems most have them enabled. I personally feel like I'm missing something if I have annotations disabled.

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Default i have it disable but i turn them on from time to time.
Btw you make mistake on YT you put link to 1TB SSD pool and not for this.

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I put additional details in post/editing. That way, you'll get info and such whether you have annotations enabled or not.

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