Pre-Ordering Crysis 3?

Pre-Ordering Crysis 3?



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loved crysis 2 its was a big Yes for me

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love it instead of loving

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I won't be pre-ordering it but I'll see if it's good after it comes out with the reviews and gameplay videos, then I'll see.

@Yamcha67 : No offense but if you also played Farcry 1, you can understand how bad Farcry 2 is compared to Farcry1. I don't know how it happened but it did and that's why I also prefer to wait until I have a very good idea of how a game is, before buying it.

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Yes, i will pre-order it on some torrent site....

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I wont be. It seems all game developers do now is sell "Promises". We promise this, we promise that then deliver a sub-par product that's all flash at the beginning and no substance.

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I can't believe you don't like Far Cry 2! I think its awesome, I've finished the game twice, I found it very enjoyable, it is repetitive but still fun.. I also love Crysis, my favorite would be warhead..

But I won't be preordering Crysis 3, just because my current system which is a Mac Mini 2011 will not be able to handle it :P It's got a shitty Intel HD 3000, can barely manage most games.. But I usually replace my PC/Mac's every 6 months, and so I'll probably be building a Hackintosh again.. If that happens I'll probably be playing Crysis..

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No preorder for crysis 3 nor any other shooter game... RPGs for me :D

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I'll wait until I hear if the game is working ok and not full of bugs. $60 is too much to spend on a game that you don't know is going to work right or not.

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loved crysis 2, and already preordered GW2, big chance ill get this on release.

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No right now, maybe later for bonus content...but thats for multiplayer and i don't think i will play this game online


Reordering is pretty over rated now(for PC anyways) I mean we get everything off of Steam and ORigins now. There is no supply issue so why preorder lol.


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Never even got 2. First one was good, but the second did not look as good or feel that good after playing the demo. Plus, it's not on Steam.


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I don't preorder games no matter how much hype it gets. If I really want to buy the game, I'll just pick it up first day it hits the shelves, no need to pay for something a year in advance LOL.


Why the hell would I pre-order a game that's coming out in a YEAR? What is the point to pre-ordering any game?
Let's not kid ourselves, any EXCLUSIVE content available through pre-order will be available after release, undoubtedly for a price, but at least then, the reviews will have rolled in.

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After Cry2 ? pfff NO and from pre-orded info looks bad ...

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Pre-ordering was useful back in the day since it helps ensure that the game you want is still in-stock and not being sold out. But because we have today's digital download service for PC and maybe next generation console, pre-ordering is totally useless and I don't see any benefit of doing so other than "bonus" Crytek will include.


crysis 2 had a well built story in my opinoin


i never pre-order games

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I didnt really like Crysis 2, so I probably wont get the new one.
I liked Warhead, so if they make it like that I might get it.


ill wait for more details from the developers before making a decision.