Do you wear glasses?

Do you wear glasses?




I'm supposed to all the time for distance, where I have -5 in each eye. However, I don't.

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I'm not using any glasses and i'm thankful for not having faulty/impaired vision :)


Yes but not for gaming or reading.


Yes but not for gaming or reading.

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20-80 vision here! I need glasses, but I prefer contacts :)
So when I watch Rodney's videos in HD, I get the REAL HD ;D

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Glasses don't help me out with my visual impairment.

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I do and I'm blind without it, I also have contact lenses but I prefer glasses. I only wear the contacts when watching 3d cinema.

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Yes, but usually only at work.
It makes it easier to look at a screen all day

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I only need them when I'm reading.

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I've been wearing eyeglasses since fourth grade...actually I'll be visiting the optometrist in April before my 19th birthday and I'll be getting a new pair of glasses with transition lenses.

BTW, didn't you already do a poll on this previously?

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I have transitions. I love them.


Enough of polls Rodney. When are you reviewing the gtx 680 from Nvidia?

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I wear glasses almost all the time. I'm not blind without them but they help me see better at distances and especially in classes. I only take them off when I'm planing on resting or taking a nap and eating (they kind of get blurry and it annoys me)

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hmm, I get the sense that talisa doesn't like glasses.

I look at them positively. Guys don't have a lot of choices when it comes to accessories (pointed out to me by a woman) so glasses can tweak your look.

And with them getting so cheap these days it's not unreasonable to have a few differently styled pairs.

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I need them for seeing any further than about 18" away.

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I agree you need to get Gunnar Glasses...
Ask for prescription pair now..

Actually another video bloggers are getting them for free.
I wish I could

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Yes i wear glasses, if i didn't i be having bruises and the poor doorframes will damaged xD

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I wear glass for computer work and reading. The lenses are made by Nikon, and are classed as computer glasses, made especially for working on a computer all day. I had to start wearing them about 3 years ago. My doc said almost all people once the hit their 40's will need glasses as you eyes start to go down hill. It's a normal part of aging.

I don't need them for driving, just reading and working on the computer. When you first get them it takes a week or so to get use to them, but working on my computer for up to 16-18 hours a day, you don't realize they are even on your head.

So you young guys have something to look forward too once you get into your 40's. You may seem like thats a long time away, but trust me, you will be there a lot quicker that you think. I think Rod would agree on how time flies.

I don't mind my glasses one bit.

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The only glasses I wear is sunglasses and 3D glasses.

Also, can you make this website mobile friendly? It was slow and stuttering when typing this message and browsing this page with my iPhone 4S.

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I recall my first time getting glasses. I went outside and was blown away at the detail in the trees. And then I also could see peoples faces and that made me uncomfortable. I wear mine all the time now because my vision is not all that good. I could drive and stuff, but the details are blurry without them. And Glasses are an IQ booster! You look good in those glasses Rodney.

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I wear glasses since I was 6, that's almost 19 years. They're on my nose all the time except while sleeping.
I have started with the dioptre of L7 R8 or something like that. My current glasses dioptre is L4 R4 but with only 30% visibility on the right eye (everything looks blury).
I believe my vision is a hendicap while gaming.

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only sometimes when im to lazy to put in my contacts or on my lazy sunday or such.

but i never ever leave the house with glasses. i hate them, they totally ruin the way you look.
without them i look great, with them... not so much XD
wouldnt wanna be seen with glasses in public, no f*ing way, i look like shit with them on XD

ive always hated glasses, and as soon as i could i got contacts instead.
imo glasses look terrible, on anyone. ive never seen anyone on which glasses looked seriously 'good' like they say. they completely ruin your image of how you look, change it from cool to nerdy >.>

been looking into getting my eyes lasered sometimes, then ill be rid of that prob for the rest of my life :D

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Hey 3dGameMan have you ever thought of getting Gunnar glasses? If so then with prescriptions, or not?

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I was getting a lot of headaches
So I recently got glasses.... do wear them indoors sometimes, can't get used to them. Considering contact lenses now, but i rub my eyes a lot :p.

Outdoors i feel really uncomfortable wearing them, i feel almost i don't really dare to wear them then...
Really should though...i find it even hard to recognize people from a distance

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No, no, no, no and no ;]
You can train you eye's ... i dunno how to say it but it's all about muscles in eyes or something don't remember ;P


I always wear my glasses.
Because I can´t see what is happaning on my monitor without them.And thats only ~35 to 40cm?
So I´m always wearing them while cardriving ;)

But I´m fine with it.

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Yea, if you can't see without them, you really have no choice but to wear them. Although, some refuse to wear glasses and are tripping over the own feet, obviously these people are not gamers ;)

Rodney Reynolds,

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I've worn glasses since around 5 years old after also having 2 corrective eye surgeries for each eye. The only time I don't wear them is when I'm sleeping...

Although, I can still see okay without them - everything's just a bit blurrier, like after 10 or more beers. lol

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LOL... With 10+ beers we not only see blurry, but we start seeing things ;)


Only when driving not when gaming. Congrats Rodney on your eyes getting better! I've always wondered if that could happen.

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Woops forgot to log in.

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Thx. I now have superhero vision with my new glasses ;)