Are we suckers for technology?

Are we suckers for technology?




It's not about being a sucker for technology. You can be a sucker all you want, but a $500 price tag prevents you from buying that ipad. It's not chump change to spend $500 even on a laptop.

So it comes down to can you afford it. If you can afford a $300 video card and still have money in the bank left, hey continue being that sucker. If the government wasn't ruining the economy and there was no intellectual property laws Microsoft wouldn't be a monopoly, we would have phones with lcd screens where you can see who you are talking to. A gaming rig would be much more affordable even to the poor. But the reality is technology today is either expensive or inefficient.

Thanks to IP even touch screen is patented. NVIDIA and AMD can hide their source code (because it's protected by law) therefore they often release buggy drivers and no can fix it (which also drives up the cost of graphics cards). Things like object files and the look of a feel of a graphical user interface is copyrighted. So there is lots of problems in the tech industry. I guess a real sucker is someone who is obsessed with technology but can barley pay their bills.


I believe, people as a whole, are suckers for technology. A new cellphone comes out, and people have to have it. Tablets come out, and now people have to have them.
Even autos are coming out with technology that nobody should need. Those Ford cars for example, park themselves. Now, people think they have to have something like that... suckers man... suckers!

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Yep. Most of us are. We all want the next best thing that's out there, even though most of those things aren't all that of an update from what we have. We just like new toys

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I think so

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No, we are suckers for a better life than we once had.

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Yes, Case point is the New Ipad.

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