Gamers are mass murderers?

Gamers are mass murderers?



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Without games, I probably would be a mass murderer (I joke). It's a great way to relieve stress for those who are perfectly sane, but it might push a few people with already existing mental issues over the edge.

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Gamers are mass murderers in the games but not in real world.

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Well, I wasn't able to vote (Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator.) although I figured I'd write something about this regardless.

All of this reminds me of Jack Thompson ( ). For anyone who didn't know this man he essentially made it his mission in life to try to prove a relationship between games and particularly ADOLESCENT violent acts. Then to try to remove and ban the release of such games. He's no longer really in the picture of this debate, thankfully, and while he was a large voice of the concern it's unfortunate that there'll be more to replace him.

I feel as though it's an extremely poor and ignorant shove off. As some people have mentioned here the authorities and society, for the most part, happen to look mainly at the surface. There are reasons for crimes and acts of violence and it can stem from a multitude of factors. It's true games can be influential but should not be the prime suspect. Most of us are taught the basics of morality. In my opinion a large portion of our society wants a reason or solution too quickly. As a result this can neglect a larger issue. This applies to many things even outside of violence. -_-;

Back on topic though. Some factors have been studied that even stress during pregnancy can have a negative effect on a child. The other most common reason is a person's childhood, both their parenting and environment. At the same time parents should not always be held accountable. As individuals we are able to make our own choices. If it's of genuine interest to people then it's worthwhile to look at some articles and videos regarding epigenetics.

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the people commonly known as "soccermoms" need to stop using violent media as an excuse for ones bad behavior.

they have age ratings for a reason. it's the parents responsibility to keep their kids away from adult material.

I personally think that an evil or mentally ill person will commit murder regardless of what they're told/exposed to and quite frankly they need permanent imprisonment for our safety. which no thanks to the liberal left that never happens.

I play black ops zombies, yet I don't go around London with AK47's killing people.
I would never get myself involved in gangs or drugs either.

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Generalizations are dangerous as they only paint pictures the person making them wants to be painted. They are very seldom based on fact.

Yes, some people are emotionally unstable and obsessive gaming will aggravate instability.

My own feeling is that suspected unstable gamers should submit to a psych evaluation before being permitted to play games. If you are found unstable the word "NUTBALL" is tattooed across your forehead, your paypal account and cred cards are is marked as unusable for purchasing role playing games and being caught with an RPG in your possession is grounds for mandatory institutionalization in the nearest funny farm.

"I'm not crazy. my mother had me tested." - bazinga


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Didn't they try to blame Columbine on Doom or Quake or something? Videogames are just a scapegoat to keep people from realising that usually the killers know exactly who they want to kill, and have reason for it. Don't take that as me saying it's good reason though :p

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Been playing PC games all the way back to Doom when I was in 1st grade, and still play games today. Never even crossed my mind to shoot up a real person or a group of persons.


Based on my experience I don't see how games can be directly responsible for violence, but I think it would be impossible to say without doing actual studies.. But I do think that children between the ages of 3-6 do often mimic what they see on the television or computer..

Also I think its possible that gaming can have this type of effect on people who are mentally ill..

Something unrelated I wanted to add is that a recent study suggests that music can cause depression.. Now not entirely sure of the ins and outs of the tests done.. But I do think everything can have some impact on your behaviour and thoughts..


Yeah, we are dangerous.
I'm joking, most of us are harmless.

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I did recall the news a couple of years ago that a eenager played an FPS game and got himself into a shuuting spree at thejr svhool, bot without a source to cite, I could be wrong.

Anyone have seen a show in Law and Order called "Etincity?" I cannot remember the spelling correctly, but I remember it's in Criminal Intent.

Well, let me say this: I play games just for fun regardless of a genre and I did not experience any changes in my behavior.

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3DGameman should stop asking such dumb questions I think.


Huh?! I play plenty of games and don't harm a fly.

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If you take it that way, even a gardener, taxi driver or a teacher could be a mass murderer. Crazy people are called that way because they are crazy. Gamers are sometime a little nuts or strange but mass murderers? That's a little too far

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LOL it's bullshit. I don't know full story so i don't say anything, but mass murders was before games so it's bullshit. If we talking violence games that i have to say that in my case games helps relief stress level. Just by watching news u can see blood and violence ... if you have week mind those images can easily corrupt you that it.

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not at all.

people just see it as an easy target and something they can put the blame on.

people are always easy to point fingers at gaming or music,
instead of looking at themselves and that perhaps the parents were the problem cuz they didnt teach their children that they shouldnt do such stuff

and another fun fact i always tell people who say games make violent:
back in the 80s when mario came out people didnt go kick turtles and drown them in lava or toss them from cliffs either, did they? why didnt people get violent towards turtles from playing mario,
and why would it be any different with games nowadays?

games back then used to be just as violent when you think about it. the graphics looked like shit, but werent most games all about killing things and shooting/hitting stuff too back then?

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I am a violent person....
Gaming is my therapy... XD

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Those people just happen to game, i think you can walk in anybody house these days and call them gamers....everybody does it.
And thus even if it was remotely true this would happen everyday.
Why do people all ways blame something, some people are just crazy!!

Crazy people play games too ;)


I don't think games lead to murders... you might even say it allows people to vent their rage preventing murders in the first place, they never talk about that do they.

As others will say something is as dangerous as you make it, computer games do not lead to violence the individual playing it does, same with knives, we all use them, how many peope by using them want to kill someone? funny they dont go on about banning those. Then guns, they just fire metal slugs as high speed, you can use it (as millions across the world do) for sport, they are not purely for killing another animal or human as hickok45 shows on youtube to thousands.

But as my dad used to say, you have a room of 100 people sitting down all minding thier own business, then two walk in shouting and screaming, who do you play more attention to, the 100 who dont give a damn, or the two who want thier own way?, thats how the government works, focusing on the ones who have a tantrum.

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Hi Rodney

i totaly agree with you..

Gaming dont make you kill ppl. its just an excuse some ppl use to point the fingers at something. Since they dont like it there self and therfor have to make some1 to blame.

But i think Anders was nuts from the start + he planed this for 10 years or something. No1 with there right minds does something like he did.

btw that is an some months old news here in norway. was even some stores taking call of duty away from the store shelfs for a short time, Since it had the cevilian killing on the airport etc.

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Playing computer games and actually killing people are two different things entirely. Although if you're insane to start, playing violent computer games might not be the best option. This will be another case where authorities with blame computer games for violent acts. I bet if you dig deeper into this persons life, you're find abuses linking directly to the core problem, not computer games.

Rodney Reynolds,


No, gamers are not mass murderers.

Gaming is just a hobby just like being "addicted" to books, movies, or whatever hobby you can think of, so it just can't be the cause to explain violent behavior and everything else wrong in this world.

We're on the year 2012 and unfortunately there's still people that think like that (and there's still politicians that are trying to use this to start a crusade against video games).

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Sometimes I think that I would do great in Irak, buy until I see a head centered in my Sniper scope, I wont know if I'm capable to kill somebody, even if its a crazy terrorist.

But I'm a crazy person even before video games.