Will Mobile Devices Kill PCs?

Will Mobile Devices Kill PCs




As an eventuality? Nobody can predict that. Nearly every single theory on how it will transition will get something wrong. However, in a few decades, it is possible to see somethingļ»æ akin to the world of Minority Report in that PCs and home theaters will be replaced by interactive holographic displays(IHD), while we keep small mobile IHDs on our ears like bluetooth headsets are now, or possibly glasses instead. Both of which running off internet connection to cloud computing networks for streaming all our requested data to either as an audio/video feed. In short, both will continue to evolve and work together, but not replace eachother. Not everyone is vested into a mobile-device lifestyle, and the global recession is weakening any progress either will make in the near future. I dislike the thought of leaving behind aesthetically pleasing raw computer hardware, but I am sure some will still use it even if it's replaced just to keep personal data off the cloud systems. This is assuming internet bandwidth and infrastructure can keep up with the AV bandwidth required of 4K+ resolutions in said future. Too many IF's in such a prediction.


I think not.

PC will still be there as one of the cutting edge of technology.

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I honestly doubt mobile gaming will kill pc gaming anytime soon. Pardon the lame analogy, but I kind of compare PC systems to Trucks. Obviously its unconventional for everyone to own a truck but they're still VITAL part of the economy and are a viable market. I think eventually it will be replaced but not in the near foreseeable future. Again sorry for the cheesy analogy :P

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Though you are entitled to your opinion, I disagree for the following reasons.

can you SLI/Crossfire GPU's or have an Nvidia PPU in mobile devices? no
can you install high performance graphics cards in tablet PC's? no
can you add 5 to maybe 12+ hard drives in a tablet PC? nope again

for servers, gaming rigs, and workstations for HD video editors, or power users in general
I doubt they'd ever prefer going mobile.

putting powerful hardware in smaller systems would be way too difficult because of the cost, not to mention bad thermals which will ultimately lead to shortened lifespans. and that's where desktops excel at I'm afraid. with all the case fans and proper heatsinks installed, and if you keep the dust out. your PC shouldn't be overheating or prematurely failing.


To be frank, I don't think desktops are going to ever be made expendeble, performance-wise, they will always take top spot.

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maybe if you take your cell-phone and toss at hard at your screen it will XD
or open up your case and throw your cellphone in it XD

but except for those.... nah, no way mobile devices will ever kill PCs

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Maybe; The difference between desktop cpu, for instance, is getting smaller and performance very well. I think desktops will be come more "mobile" in the sense that desktops will be smaller and have mobile cpu and maybe gpu. We will see

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Maybe for the average consumer who just wants it for internet use and casual games. But for businesses and PC enthusiasts or PC gamers (like most of us on this website), I really dont think so.

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Rodney is wrong about desktop PC prices especially here in the U.S.

You can build a great gaming rig for only 500USD.

Heck I purchased an old GTX 275 for 75USD and it can max out any directx 10 game aside from the ubersampling in The Witcher 2.

I built a new rig with;

Intel i5 2500k ( OCed 4.4ghz)
8 gigs of DDR3 1600mhz RAM (8-8-22 timings)
ASUS GTX 570 Direct CU ii (OCed to 950mhz core clock)
2x 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 hard drive (RAID 0)
Noctua NH-D14 CPU heatsink
Asrock P67 Pro3 B3 motherboard.
Coolermaster Storm Enforcer.

It has great cooling and one of the best air cooling CPU heatsinks on the market and I spent 1120USD on it.
That is almost 400USD below what Rodney said you needed for the minimum PC for gaming.
And that is a high end single GPU gaming PC which can max out any game fine at 1920x1080.

Pics here just to show that rig.



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I hope not, if so I spent a lot of money on a paper weight.


The answerer is no. Although mobile devices are convenient, they have a very short life span and seriously lack the power of a desktop. Desktops will only be replaced if a much more powerful and efficient method is created.


nope. advance they may but it won't have the power you get with a desktop.

btw what video editing program you use and is it easy to use?

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No, just as mobile devices advance, so will PC components. Mobile devices will not catch up to PCs of their time. To have mobile devices catch up would mean to also stop development of PC components.

I see cloud computing gaining some steam, but I'll never embrace such a system.

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I dunno i was wrong about consoles killing PC now look shity console ports everywhere but if we speak about operation systems, hardware and stuff no not possible. Mobile device is not for gamer like me, it's never replace PC. I want mouse, keyboard, joystick, wheel and 3 monitors can iPad or whatever can give me that ? No so GTFO

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I can't speak for the people around me, but as long as they keep making the parts, I will continue to make, and use, desktops. Personally though, I don't believe they will.


I personally don't see people dropping computers for Tablets or mobile devices any time soon, they are just oo inpracticle for "real world" things like desktop publishing, word processing, spreadsheets, graphic design ect... for personal use, maybe but for industrial use, never.

I see a future where we don't actually own a PC in our home, we simply rent server space and stream the processing, graphics and sound directly to our monitors and speakers(possible within 5 years with super fast internet), it would be more cost effective than spending $1000 on a gaming pc or even $400 on a home pc, privacy would be an issue but with modern laws and security its not that much of a concern.

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I said nope never but I guess I can see in the future its possible, just not in my life time and I'm 24, so in about 80 or so years maybe but even then, I'd think people would still want to have something at home, that you can tinker with, I mean if you think about it, if mobile phones more or less become computers that can handle just about anything, that you fit all that high tech ness in a little hand held device, picture what you can fit in a tower, so really, no, actually there will always be a PC, unless someone makes a way where you can make something the size of a pc now, mobile, mobile in a way that its just as easy to carry around as a phone now.

Hell at the moment they've been able to compute what the brain sees to some point PC, phones and devices alike might be in your brain in the future, I don't know, I could keep going but I think I'll stop now.

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I'm more or less in agreement with you. Unless they can make something as big as the PC tower mobile in some way, something as small as a cellphone or a tablet will never be able to keep up with the technology level as the PC tower, there for a need for a PC will always be there. (or at least a want)