Gaming: Console or PC?

Gaming: Console or PC?



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it depends on taste im a PC guy if i want a game most of the time it can be emulated NES,GEN,WII,XBOX,PS2 etc cause pcs evolve faster than consoles and you can do more with a PC

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I prefer PC gaming over console as of lately, but I love both I suppose it depends on the game title and control schemes for the games or how lazy I feel like gaming. There's lots of reasons why I prefer PC gaming such as game mods for certain games, resolution options, graphic details to name a few.

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I prefer gaming on a PC. I get why consoles are more appealing to those who prefer it, but I like the freedom of a PC...I like getting hands-on and upgrading from time to time.

For some games I'll use the good old mouse and keyboard while other games I'll use a Xbox 360 controller for Windows - and for older PS2 era games, I'll use a emulator like PCSX2.

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I would only get a game in PC-format if there is no console equivalent (i.e. WII/PS3), my brother does it the other way around.

My reason is that PC versions tend to have more flexibility than their console-counterparts, as well as some game vendors releasing genuine creation/mod toolkits after the initial release. The thing is that with a PC, there's the issues of fluctuating frame-rates whereas consoles don't suffer this as much, if not at all.


Games do look better on my PC. BUT, lets face it the number of games that come out for the PC compared to consoles is terrible these days. I used to be all about the PC but over the past couple of years I find myself spending most of my time on a console rather than my PC for gaming.


I love both. Both platforms offer great experiences. I really enjoy Gears of War and Assassin's Creed which I think play way better on a console. But I tend to prefer FPS games on a PC more. I find that sticking to one or the other kinda shelters me from a great experience.

For example if I was PC only I would've never played an enjoyed Red Dead Redemption. Or if I was console only I would've experienced World of Warcraft or Crysis.

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Tuning and messing around with the gaming PC build is half the fun. :)

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To me, messing around with graphics options in games like The Last Remnant is no fun for me. I'd rather have the same level of experience regardless of whether I play games in PC or console, such as XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3, except for the Wii, of course.

Plus, I'd rather use a joystick, gamepad, WiiMote, or a steering wheel and pedals depending in what games I play instead of the keyboard and mouse.

Of course, there are those who will never understand why I prefer a gamepad over a keyboard and mouse for playing FPS games in a PC, but I'll leave that debate right out of the poll. I think this has been discussed to death in the Internet.

*sigh* Gee, PC gaming is all about stupid eye candy and 15+ keyboard mappings, I guess... *shrug* :( (no hard feelings intended for PC gamers.)

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I have my old DreamCast and Nintendo 64... XD
But I prefer play emulators in mi PC... XD

I love play PC.
But consoles now have Good exclusive titles and viceversa...
I hate that...
Is the only con...

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I would exclusively use consoles for gaming (FPS, JRPG, racing, adventure, anything I an think of) because PC games (except for The Last Remnant) that forces me to use keyboard and mouse just don't cut it for me. I'm not a huge fan of using W, S, A, and D and the mouse for movements. And I'm pretty much not a fan of online multiplayer gaming anyway.

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Pc of course and if you want better controls for racing games or rpg's, just use a xbox 360 wireless controller for windows.

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Unless you want a real race sim, then you are back on the PC. Things like iRacing crush all consoles in the realism side of things. 30+ car fields, all real drivers, tracks laser scanned down to 3mm resolution, and cars that are as close to the real thing as can currently be simulated on a home PC.

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Thanks for the attention. Since then I've gotten a lot of feedback and info. Consoles are fun and they WERE awesome a few years ago but now they're OK... but kind of outdated. A lot of people are awaiting the new generation of xbox/ps, hoping that they will be mindblowing again. I won't be going and buying a console anytime soon but I'll be looking forward to what pops up next.

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Consoles when I was younger, but now I'm PC exclusively. Once you go PC, you'll never go back to consoles.

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I prefer PCs mostly, but I also like consoles, especially ones made by Nintendo.

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No brainer here, PC all the way. Use the PS3 as a blu-ray player. Use the Xbox 360 as a boat anchor.

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What's wrong with a little of both. I have my PC for shooters and modern RPGs, I have my PS2 for older but still fantastic games, my 3DS for more modern games on the go, and a modded PSP for my retro collection of PS1 games.

I have neither the PS3 nor the Xbox though, I pretty much skipped that gen. Microsoft has an unhealthy addiction to money, and I refused to buy a PS3 when my friend got screwed over with OtherOS being removed.

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Yeah old consoles actually have some great games. Only in the last few years did the standards for gaming go way down. Anyway I still vote for PC - I use an emulator to play older console games on my PC to take advantage of many of my reasons listed in the forum.

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When i try a console i feel handicapped, i need my mouse + keyboard :)


Dirty console peasants...!

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pc of course!
superior graphics and controls! \o/

and im mostly a fps person, and aiming goes a million times better with a mouse then with one of those terrible joysticks

and console graphics are by far superior to pc graphics. consoles are 10 years behind on pc graphic-wise

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that was me, thought i was logged in but apparently not, lol

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Gaming on a MAC..........!

Just Kiddin' LOL

PC Of Course, u can play either on a desktop or on a laptop, so if u are a traveller u need to forget about gaming, besides u can install games at work, try to take a console to work...!

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PC, never try a console and never will


aaaarghh i accidently voted for console..

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Gaming on a PC, though it won't be too long before consoles more or less become a PC or more like a mac, sense you can't really upgrade parts on a mac from just about any brand and that's how consoles will probably be heh.

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If you post the same poll on Xbox live and PSN this could be a more accurate poll.
Would be like asking a person if they use to shop at Starbucks and ask them only in the starbucks stores.

But on topic I usually play on PC but some type of games I rather play on console such as Fifa, Tekken, Street Fighter and etc.


I started out on consoles back in the 90's and have been 100% PC for a very long time. I can't play console games anymore, I just can't get used to those lame controllers any more. I'm 42 now and will be PC gaming probably till I die which for me won't be very long, but I'm gonna enjoy it as long as I can!