Do you have CCFLs?

Do you have CCFLs?




I don't like CCFLs because they need extremely high voltages to work and don't last, and i don't find that comforting. I prefer LEDs because they:

1)use less power
2)last longer (50-100K hrs)
3)offer richer/vibrant colours

I have two Enermax TB Vegas Trio fans in my system, one in the front, and one in the back. When my computer is under heavy strain, for example, while my brother is playing Skyrim on it, it glows like a make-shift disco light in the dark.

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I'm not crazy about having lights in my computter cases. I unplug the lights when not it's not needed.

I can pretty much say the same for my laptop. I've disabled the light around the touch pad (Fn+Space) but that's as far as I can go. The main problem with the dv7-6168nr is with the HP logo light behind the laptop's screen. It is annoyingly bright and there's nowhere to turn it off.

I think lights are only for bragging and diagnostics and how cool it looks. Nothing else.

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Rodney, What the hell is wrong with you lately? Is this a tech forum or what????

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Just mixing it up bud ;) It's all cool.

Rodney Reynolds,


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Goth both, atm like the LED one more.
Takes less space, colour looks great.


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Right then....

Anyway, i have leds the NZXT ones...that go around the window in my RV02..which looks great imo
CCFL i hate them, there bigger, use more energie and give a cheap feeling light imo compared to leds

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I prefer L.E.D's like the NZXT strip of them.

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Not a big fan of CCFLs... I don't find them that "cool" as more people say.
btw that filter makes you look like a clown in some frames =))

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I have a green sound reactive one, but I have it on all the time instead of it flashing to sounds

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I have them. I like them, but I'm not in love with them.

Also, has Rodney been on drugs lately?

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LED is the new technology. Expensive but 50,000 hour bulb life.


I have CCFls in my car to light up the trunk and for under the seats when I am vacuuming or I loose something under there. All being the color "white" of course. A white CCFl in my laptop screen too

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I have led strips, led fans, an asus silent knight, an asian LCD led fan controller, a smartie LCD screen, a blue led power supply, and a electroluminiscent wire. All Blue.
Don't do drugs rodney


I have 2 in my case. I think they are done tastefully though. I have a Raidmax Smilodon (I removed all the LED fans) with the side panel off, I have the one CCFL mounted on the back of the black crossbar out of view and the 2nd one is mounted on the far side of the HDD cage so it casts a soft ambient blue across the motherboard. It's not glaring or overpowering, just clean and simple.


If they're done right they are good. But there are some ridiculous CCFLs in some cases that make no sense at all. Many people hate them because they haven't probably seen a case with CCFLs done right. Also, they are not a must-have with every build. Every build has a theme, some are good with CCFLs and other are just not.