New Year's Resolution?

Did you make a New Year's Resolution?




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Having problems staying inspired to go to the gym after resolving to get fit after New Year’s? Try the new GymPact application, which will give the user some extra incentive to keep getting on the treadmill. Article source: Keep New Year fitness resolutions with GymPact


I got sad when you shaved the beard, but I got happy when you said you were growing the same style facial hair I am. GO FOR IT.


My new year's resolution: 1920x1080


My new years resloution: Don't get so drunk at the new year party I can remember what I did or said.

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That was can't* above I also forgot to log in. Sigh... still recovering

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Didn't really plan for anything... I just set out to have some fund and it turned out lovely

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and a happy new year to you and your family Rodney


I am gonna loose weight, and become the sexy hartbreaker I used to be.

From you? this year I want more giveaways, doesnt need to be expensive stuff, just cheap items like: thermal paste tubes, led strips, mice, cool stickers for our PC cases, 3dgameman caps, baseball t-shirts, etc, and new t-shirt designs.

One other thing that could be interesting is if u start to create contest events, like: 3d or 3d designs, slogans, PC Rig proposals, pc rig contests, overclocking contests, etc, etc, etc

Im just saying.

Happy new year


Same Here good luck dude!

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I usually don't but this year in particular I have two: get accepted into the universities I've applied to and the second is to take the Insanity challenge :D

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Good, better to get a degree than have people slap you for cash ;)

Rodney Reynolds,