Addicted to social networking?

Is your mate addicted to social networking?




Now a days social networking sites are very popular for chat with friends and for games. Many people like to spend more time on such social networking sites which may harmful for health and directly affects on brain.
It is same like Internet addiction.

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No my mate definitely is NOT addicted to social networking (or any other kind of networking). She's a complete technophobe who refuses to even use a cell phone.


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You didn't put a radio button for us who are single. Or should I say Forever Alone

Haha, just kidding, but yeah, there are single people.


forever alone...?

I have seen that cartoon and that expression before, is this some kind of a new popular myth?
How come everybody knows about it? is it on TV?


Another soul absorbed. *yaoming*


East coast Rodney? My wife isn't addicted but certainly spends time on the sites, as I do when time allows. I think it's good that she has that contact with friends that we don't normally otherwise see socially. Many are on my lists also and we enjoy knowing what is going on with our friends who we might otherwise lose track of. Now the neighbor was ready to smash his partners phone for overuse. She truly does spend excess time on it socializing, mainly texting, at about 10,000 outgoing texts/month. She is able to put it aside during work and at times to keep the peace. I think it is more a problem with him. There are defined personality types and he definately fits in the box with many controlling types of guys that I have known over the years, who always have rocky relationships anyways because they can be real asses at times. He will always be on the edge of violence, that's who he is. We accept it and do like him most of the time, he can be really great at times with both her and the kids. But things will always be rocky. They have broken up, new girl in his life now, I don't expect any change though. He's also much better if he stays away from drinking, it brings out the ass in him. But the computer and phone time drove him nuts. Fortunately east coast Canada is more of a long gun kind of place, as I guess you'd know, so most of the handgun problems are street drug related. There is an enthusiast crowd but it is very low key. Not like the American crowd at all.


The media is preparing us to have our social networking taken

wake the fuck up peasants!


My wife barely use her laptop, but my Mom, wow...! Mark Zuckerberg needed to add a new server just because of her (jk)

My dad is sick and tired of this facebook/yahoo chat/live msn issue, but still far from taking a gun, I won't blame him, social network junkies are annoying people.


Indeed they are. Dont deserve to die though. Justin Bieber though. Someone shoot him.