Is Rodney's job really the best job in the world?

Is Rodney's job really the best job in the world?




i voted yes just because, like Rodney said, if you have a job where you can have enough free time to spend with your family and resting and do stuff you actually want to do, then yes, that is the best job in the world.



it really depends sometimes having a job where your on a routine like I am washing dishes is better as it keeps me on the straight and narrow and guarantees a stable supply of income which I need. Your job Rodney, while it sounds fantastic in theory, must get to the stage where you get complacent, i.e. don't want to do some work for awhile and then you lose money, or, companies might not send you enough products, or any, to make you enough money to get by at certain times of the year.
Cheers Personally I'd rather have my job as it is, and maybe do some of what your upto on the side as a hobby.


I Have done what you did and I failed at it pretty hard, partly because it was in a field I wasn't that interested in (PTC sites) and kind of forced into it by my ex who kind of ran the whole site. So I guess I was kind of like a work from home employee which is never healthy if your sleeping with the boss lol.

I think it you enjoy the business model/field and its your idea and you are confident on how you go about selling it to the right audience then I guess it is one of the best jobs you can have. You really are the decider of your salary and yeah no boring commutes.


It depends on the person as to the best job for them


Rodney maybe a lot of people feel that your job is the best because. Like me and others we all enjoy your video. Especially if we the consumer knows nothing about pc. We are motivated by your video's to learn more. Just are Micheal Jordan and rocky motivated tons of generation of their own respectful job. Not because you are the best. But the face that you make it look fun and easy. That to me is priceless. People do like to watch others make their job easy and fun. I for one can say I am truly jealous and would like to be someone to review pc hardware one day.

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Im a computer technician at a small computer shop. I like what I do here and it is relevant to my interests. I get to fix stuff, build new computers, I get computer parts at cost price and I get paid enough to afford a nice new car, so its a pretty good deal.

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I work at home as a freelancer, and even when I am my own boss, and I manage to have free time and I can game between work hours, I feel like I still have a boss


because unless I am a millionaire or I learn to print dollar bills, I still need to satisfy my customers, and I still need to get my paycheck from them, and not always u can expect to deal with polite people.

So for me the best job is being flippin' succesful at whatever you do, that kind of success that allows you hire employees and gain tons of money, like the google guys, jobs, gates, Lucas, Spielberg, cameron, etc etc.

Sometimes is just a matter of skills and good luck.

meanwhile, Is like eatting spaghetti for me too, I mean litteraly, and I am gaining weight too.


Depending on your income, it coulg be the best job.


For some maybe, for others nowhere close.

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Well i say yes and there is a one good reason You have no boss. Thats it.


my current job is at a pc service. it's not my dream job but it keeps me occupied and i have fun. i would love your job to be honest :D

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i want to be a pilot
not normal air plane the military one xD

this is the best job for me at least


Not sure... never been a vlogger so I dont know how rodney's job is. I think a job you love is and will be the best job.

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You have the best job in the world maybe for some, not for me though...dealing with all the hate for YouTube land and all that. Definitely not the worst job in the world :).
The best job in the world is a myth... something with grass and greener

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I am System Manager...

I love my job...
And sometimes i hated... XD

In the end, i need the money...

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You know what I do, so what's your job?

Rodney Reynolds,