Who has the best video card drivers?

Who has the best video card drivers?




You made various nice points there. I did a search on the subject and found a good number of folks will go along with with your blog.


AMD has bang for the buck NVIDIA has better drivers IMO (I own an HD 6870 ATM)both have their issues though so the difference isn't massive (which means you're better off with AMD especially if you're on a budget)

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I think AMD is more forgiving on the wallet for both their video cards and CPUs so I tend to stick with AMD. I used to use nVidia cards but when I was stuck with AGP, I switched since ATi/AMD has a better selection of AGP cards but as time went by and I did manage to upgrade my board/video card...like I said...just decided to stick with AMD.

Have nothing to really comment on who has the best. From what I've heard, they both have their issues.

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I can't understand why people is bashing on AMD's drivers. I never had issues.

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Problems of AMD Drivers so far.
un-anti-alias shadows.
you can't force program with your own preferred settings even in third party tools like ati tools (eg. anti-aliasing, vsync, etc etc.)
AMD Vision engine control too slow to open (because it uses .net framework)
It needs VC++ Runtime (nvidia doesn't need this)
and most of all they are really slow drivers yet Nvidia is always optimized and up to date to fix with issue.
I'm a owner of AMD Radeon 5770, and this is the problems I'm dealing with.

For HTPC users, you better use MPC-HC with MadVR as your renderer.
This the best High quality renderer around.


Notice how most of those who vote that both have issues have AMD/ATi cards? I switched to Nvidia because their drivers win :)

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Voting either for AMD or nVidia makes me a fanboy of either one. Both have their share of issues.

For AMD, I don't encounter any issues mostly because I don't play any games that much and that's about it.

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Both have their issues, but I think ultimately your own personal experience will decide which one has fewer issues. For me, I have had fewer problems aith ATI drivers, and when there was a problem, a solution was quick to find on google and easy to fix. Not so much with nvidia drivers. If you get that dreaded 7zip error, it could be a million different things causing it, with no quick or easy solution;just lots of trial and error (and cussing)!

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lol hate to say it but I've dealt with a lot of problems with ATI drivers when I switched to this brand. Nvidia wins in this category hands down, the thing I hate about Nvidia is all of the ATI cards I bought outlived every Nvidia card I owned, don't know if its bad luck but I just stopped buying it to be safe.

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If you are killing off any card it's one of a few things. Either poor cooling, bad OC, or dirty power. Those are the only things I've seen kill cards over and over.

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Both have their issues. I've had problems with AMD and Nvidia drivers, but never serious problems. I have been very happy with the drivers for my HD6970 though, not a single problem in the 12 months I've had it. On the other hand, I did have a few issues with drivers for my HD4870 and before that my 8800GT.

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Hi Shrek,

I thought you said Nvidia was going under because they didnt reply to your email?

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Well, I jump back and forth with each gen of cards to who ever has the fastest. I have more issues driver related with AMD/ATI. Especially crossfire related. Crossfire seems so broken some much of the time. My current build is nVidia with a pair of 570's and it's working pretty flawlessly with a very aggressive overclock. I'm hoping the edge holds in the next gen of cards and the same is true. Just don't have much faith in AMD getting things to work ever time.


Its bugged. It says ive allready voted when I have not and I can't cancel it.

FYI I wanted to vote ATI


Dw it works now.


Meh I'm an AMD fanboy. The poll question is really "which brand do you have?"

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I can't say one is better than the other. There are just so many Nvidia and AMD bugs that range from hardware to software and games that I lost count years ago. Some people will say Nvidia has better drivers than ATI, but I feel AMD has turned that around. Once you get to understand the common bugs with each it's just a personal preference on what you are willing to deal with.

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I have to go with Nvidia, as I've built/rebuilt/repaired many systems for clients, family, friends, and myself, and I had problems with AMD(ATI) not supporting some of there older hardware that is still floating around, where I can usually download the newest Nvidia drivers, and not have any problems with them loading under almost any version of Windows, and hell even most recent Linux Distros I've tired, have better Nvidia support then AMD(ATI) support. I will also say this FUCK S3(VIA) based cards, as they just utterly suck, and most are not supported past WinXP(32bit), and you can forget about most Linux distros even giving basic support for those POS cards.

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Nah, Intel has the best video drivers.

Joking aside, both Nvidia and AMD/ATI have their fair share of issues. When it comes to laptops, sometimes Nvidia Optimus doesn't use the dedicated card when you are gaming, and sometimes, AMD's Switchable Graphics flat out doesn't work. To add to that, it is virtually impossible to use reference drivers for updates when using Optimus/Switchable Graphics.


Of course VIA has the best video drivers, everybody knows that ;)

I'd have to with Nvidia though, ATI/AMD just tries too hard to make a big package of software, when will they realize that simple works.

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I have never had an AMD card but my GTX 570 does not get along with newer games until nvidia releases 20 more new drivers that are supposed to improve the performance...


Both pretty much have their issues, I'll still be an AMD fanboy though.

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Mmmmh difficult one.
i think AMD has less option for games and you cannot set it for one game, like with Nvidia.
Stability is pretty much the same...
Which interface i like better..have to give that to AMD.
Being able to change setting for a single game is a + for Nvidia
AMD overdrive can be handy for some people ( i prefer to use afterburner)
So...yeah, i don't think one is better then the other...maybe leaning a bit AMD's way imo

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Never have ATI card ;< but i say OMEGA ;D

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WELL,at least AMD hasn't made a driver that fries cards,I'm with AMD,no problems since the ole 9600pro to now the crossfire 6950's.