Have you extended your wireless network?

Have you extended your wireless network?



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Instead of extending the range of my wireless G router, I went out and bought a Accesspoint and used that to "expand" my network to Wireless N. To add to that I put it in a different part of the house after a ran CAT 6 every where in my house.

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I have the same situation... My office is in the basement with my Cable Modem and an 8 port D-Link wireless/wired router. I use cables down stairs in the man-cave/office which has both my work PC (I telecommute and my main PC). I have 1 cable running upstairs to an old LinkSys w/ DD-WRT firmware setup as AP mode with Bridge turned on and DHCP turned off. My main basement D-Link handles the DHCP. I haven't tried other configurations on the upstairs yet such as this one I just found which might be a better fit??:

My setup has been working fine for over a year now...Kids and wife are the main user of the upstairs access point.


got a nice AMP behind to make 2 watts ,hehe, and a nice homemade 13DB !!! antenne.
so, i dont care a (cencored) about neightbourhood, i need a link everywere.


My gateway, with the primary wireless, is in the wiring closet on the first floor. I ran cat5 to the upstairs closet and have a WAP there using the same SSID but a different channel. Portable devices switch between them depending on where one is in the house. Great signal and double the bandwidth.


I would love some help with the different types of hardware Rodney mentions and the brands who sell them, and where. Rodney can you do a video on this subject? It would be much appreciated. Great job and thanks.


No just router for laptops and others stuff (not PC)

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Only extended WiFi connection I have is on the roof of my house. It is a directional antenna which points to friend's place about 2 Kilometers away. Except for a couple of trees there are no obstructions so the signal is pretty good. On a clear day we get between 177 and 223 Mbit/s of 300 Mbit/s. The router itself puts out 750mW but both of us have pretty big antennas on the roof powered by the local grid. I've got them off an old Army Radio Truck that was sold at an auction a while back. The new owner didn't need all the stuff on it and gave it away for free. Only problem is that sometimes those things make an annoying buzzing sound, so we only turn them on when we need them to exchange files.

I also have a basic WiFi setup in my garage and garden. The router is wired to my 1GBit/s network using 65 meters of CAT6 shielded cable.

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I'm using the D-Link DIR-825 and my house isn't gigantic enough to need an extender unfortunately :(

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I dont. My router has pretty good range already. Although, I did have to put a slightly bigger antenna on my computer for it to get a good enough signal to connect. Im on the oppisite end of the house, so the signal has to go through 8 walls.

Also, rodney, the word verification is annoying.


Tbh, I can connect to my wireless network at the end of my road with the use of a cheap ass router that must have cost about $60, im from UK so have no idea on your currency that is just a guess.

If you need to extend your wireless signal so you can pick it up from next door or in the back yard it sounds like a bad router to be honest.

(Just FYI Id say the furthest ive stood and been connected to it was about 30 metres away)

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Nope, no need, my router's range is more then enough to walk out on my street and still get a good connection and I can't see me ever needing one of those.

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yep i have a bridge to increase the power of the signal... It's awesome because it's a poe: Power over Ethernet cable... so I can hide it inside the counter top of my corridor. Isn't it smart ??

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Wireless routers typically have ranges of 100 feet or more, however with a good firmware on a router you can raise the transmit power to boost the range of signal.

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