Removable motherboard tray or not?

Removable motherboard tray or not?



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I've never had a case with a removable tray, but would like one. I'd think they'd be more convenient and easier to install components as well as remove.

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Removable mobo tray is and always has been a must for me. This is why I am not likely to change from my CM Stacker 830 (no longer offered by cooler master :( ) case any time soon. Seems every case I look at these days has cheaped out and been made a one-piece chassis. No thanks!


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I like them. Sadly most cases don't come with them anymore. Cooler Master hasn't had a case with a removable motherboard tray since the ATCS 840 and their upcoming Cosmos II doesn't look like it will have one either. Corsair never had it, and Antec... yeah still nothing. Lian-Li continues to incorporate it and Silverstone did so with the TJ11 and I really love their cases, not just for this feature but for everything else plus the style. Long live removable motherboard trays! And Lian-Li and Silverstone!

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Removable MB tray is always a good idea but in most cases you have to unplug the PSU cables first and of course all the drives as well because no one has that long cables within their case right?

The thing Apple did with the PowerMac G3, with the whole door coming of, was pretty close to perfect.
And by the way, yes the Noctua NH-U12P and NH-U12PSE2 do not need to be taken off on the Cooler Master 840 case, they just slide out with the rest of the motherboard.


I suppose, it's just like holes on the side of the case tray, removable hot-swap bays, modular power supplies, SATA relays, etc. They're, more or less, conveniences that are great to have but are not a necessity when it really comes down to it.


I have some random case I bought off Amazon when I first built my computer. It's not the best, but the motherboard tray IS removable. I haven't really bothered taking it out though, I prefer to hook it all up as-is, seems easier for cable management, though it may come in handy for any future diagnostics.


This removable motherboard tray is a meme - for people who might not get the catch about the T-shirt - but it's not THAT popular , sure it's funny tho.


This removable motherboard tray is a meme - for people who might not get the catch about the T-shirt - but it's not THAT popular , sure it's funny tho.


Not sure why it would matter. In either case you have to dig into the computer and unhook all the cables. Also, not sure what could be done with it out of the case that's not just as easy in the case. Maybe changing coolers?

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I like them, but Im not bothered if a case doesnt have one

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I'll 'second that' =/

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Heck Yeah, I've been using the same Lian-Li for 7 years and of course it's removable!

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I love removable motherboard tray cases, in fact i have an old Lian Li case that has a removable case, but with the V8 Coolermaster fan its blocks the cooler and i cannot remove it any more!

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it s'cks because they are a pain in the if you wanna have a excellent cable routing but if you like a birds nest you shod have a removable motherboardtray

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Don't is handy but it's not a something i pick a case for.
If it has one great, if not ....don't care


When you think about it to remove a motherboard tray you have to remove more cables and plugs (all cables on IO area, and inside cables like 24pin , pic-e power pin , all sata cables and your cases front audio and usb.). so wouldn't it be easier if you just removed the case(if it was small)?


Is there nice cases with MOBO tray? I would like to buy

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Unfortunately the motherboard tray is not removable on most peopled cases :/ Very unfortunate ;)

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I don't really care. My case has a side panel that is removable so I can take it off, put the motherboard in, and latch it back on. I suppose it's useful, but not something that I care too much about.

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I've seen these removable trays at school, but they have only been a serious pain in the ass. I mean if I put any larger heatsink on, it doesn't fit when trying to install the tray back inside the case. (The case I had to work with had a kind of a flip install: back panel off, tip the tray over on the table and it's loose.) I've never seen it practical enough and I think it makes the case a bit more flimsy than a case without. If you can't put the cables on when everything is installed, you have too big things inside.

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I voted "other." I agree a removable tray would be a great feature if you needed one. Though, to be honest, I don't see the average user / builder needing one. I for one have never required it for the most part.

That being said, a few years ago, I was doing a build that REALLY could have used one. But that was simply a particularly tough build. Most cases come with nicely rounded edges these days. So, cable running is not complicated by sharp edges around the motherboard tray. This is what the issue I had was. If the mobo tray was removable, I could have sanded the edges MUCH MUCH easier then having to get into the case and do so.


Ever since I started watching this channel, it has been my dream to own a case with a removable motherboard tray. I'm still working on it :P


well it wouldnt make it any easy for me... i have a haf x and lots of stuff in it... so i think i wouldnt remove the traf even if it was removable :) oh and why is there 2 seperate capcha s in this page? :D

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I never have one of those, ill bet it's easy but i don't rly care

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Never had one of those, But It would be easier to install custom cpu coolers because of the factory brackets, replacing them its a hasle, needed to unscrew the whole motherboard to install my flippin' Silent Knight cooler, which is no that silent anyway, but what the hell it looks damned cool.

yeah I want removable motherboards and ranglan baseball t-shirts.

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Anywho, having a tray to store all the tools in within the case would be more useful in my opinion, but I can see how a removable motherboard tray can be nice.


Having a storage spot for the screwdrivers would probably be more useful.

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