Are you geting an iPhone 4S?

Are you geting an iPhone 4S?




I wouldn't even get one even if there was no "Apple" logo on the device.

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Nintendo 3DS + classic Flippie > iPhone 4S

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Just got my Galaxy S. Not going to he changing anytime within the next 5 yrs.


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I have the iPhone 4, no way am I getting the iPhone 4S... I would probably consider getting the iPhone 4S if I had a 3G or a 3GS...


I want one but straight talk wireless won't support any iPhones at all. So no I will not be getting one.


Oh good god i want one...
But, i cant afford it :_(

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not a chance in hell im getting one of those overpriced pieces of junk

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Nope, I have only had my N8 for 3 or 4 months. I want to keep it for at least 2 years, I think.


I just got the Moto 3 so no.


I got a Galaxy S II a few months ago, so no.

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I was shocked at this poll, in a good way though.

I thought people were obsessed with these overpriced 'smart' phone pieces of rubbish =P

Maybe a change in the wind? it's a start =)

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I did and it's arriving tomorrow by UPS. I've been surviving on my 3G and finally upgrading. I'm selling the old phone on Craigslist to offset half of the 4S's cost.

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Hell no, the Ipad ruined apple products for me, sure their easy to use but one after another, didn't last more then a month before dieing for some random reason, three brand new ones, hard to believe I just got 3 bad ones, so I got my money back and got me a nice 42 inch plasma tv.

Plus I think the Iphone rain over phones is slowly fading away, they where just a very long hype in my opinion and the first, nothing more heh.

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All I can say is... maybe. I currently have ipod touch 4G and I could use some upgrade if the price is reasonable enough, just maybe.


No I'm waiting to replace my Nexus S with the Nexus Prime..

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yeah i am not getting it but most of the people that own a iphone say "pssshht i am not going to get it" and they usually windup getting it any way

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Yip, My Lg viewty is becoming to old (5 years or so )^^. I hoped the Iphone 5 would be introduced but I'm happy with the Iphone 4s when it becomes available in Belgium. Have been saving for a long time :P

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NO! phones are over priced imo..and i don't really need all that fancy stuff (would like having it though)at that price i would rather buy a PC upgrade. i use a Nokia 1616 it can call and text....thats it and im fine with it:)

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ha,wat je zegt;een telefoon om mee te bellen en te sms'en.
de rest is toch tijdverspilling.

as you say;a phone for calling and texting.
the rest is a waste of time (and money).

i have a samsung c3050.
and it has already more functions then i am using.

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True and you get a great PC upgrade for the cost of this phone.

Rodney Reynolds,

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I suspect most of us here are probably not, but the poll results will be interesting.